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Per Tommy "Reinxeed" Johansson born 26 October 1987 is a Swedish, multi-instrumentalist, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, piano, flute, singer and music producer, he is best known for his work in the bands Sabaton (He left the band on February 9, 2024 to pursue his own musical career.) and Majestica (formerly Reinxeed). Tommy has a Vocal Range of 3 octaves. F2-C6 (3 octaves, 6 semitones)

Tommy Johansson comes from the town of Boden, in the north of Sweden. He grew up with a father who had always played the guitar, and who tried to pass this interest on to his son. Tommy, on the other hand, didn't think the guitar was that interesting to begin with. It was only when, he was 9 years old, he was saw Gary Moore's music video "Out In the Fields" that he really took an interest in the instrument and wanted to learn to play the guitar himself.

When he was 15 years old, he also started singing, after being introduced to the Skid Row song "18 and Life". He then joined a band that lacked a vocalist, and thought he could at least try to sing. This gave him a desire to also develop as a singer, in case he later ended up in a band that needed a vocalist.

In the ninth grade, he had a performance of Tommy Körberg's "Anthem" in church, and that was when he really understood that it was the music he wanted to pursue. While he was at the gymnasium, he had a lot of free time to spare, and then started learning to play the piano.

After a few years at the music school, he could sing, play guitar, piano, bass, drums and flute. In 2004 he started his own band Reinxeed, where he initially played all the instruments himself. In 2006 he started composing film scores with melodic Power metal. He recorded these songs in his own studio, and shared them on his MySpace page. This led to him being discovered and put in contact with Christian Liljegren from Rivel Records. Jani Stefanovic of Divinefire and Essence Of Sorrow co-produced and recorded all drums on what became Reinxeed's debut album, "The Light" (2008). Apart from the percussion, Tommy Johansson recorded all the instruments himself.

The album has a story that metaphorically tells of the battle between good and evil, told through two fictional kingdoms Rendhill and Heelh. Musically, it can be described as melodic Power metal with Symphonic elements. On Reinxeed's second album, "Higher" (2009), Tommy Johansson was supported by a full band, but is still present on vocals, guitar, keyboards and bass himself. In 2010, the band released the album "Majestic", and in 2011, the album "1912". "Welcome to the Theater" is Reinxeed's fifth album, and was released in 2012.

This album is inspired by a selection of famous films, both through the music and in the lyrics. Terminator, Jurassic Park, Braveheart and Star Wars are among the films you can draw attention to through the album.

A dream of playing Swedish hits in a metal outfit also came true in 2011. Then he got to perform at Allsång på Skansen, where he sang, among other things, Roxette's "The Look" together with singer and presenter Måns Zelmerlöf. Since then, he has recorded two albums, in 2011 an 2013, under the name "Swedish Hitz Goes Metal" with this type of songs, for which videos have also been made. Together with Christian Liljegren, he is also a part in the Neoclassical metal band Golden Ressurection. They have released 3 albums. "Glory to My King" (2010), "Man with a Mission" (2011) and "One Voice for the Kingdom" (2013).

In August 2016, it was revealed that Tommy Johansson would take over as guitarist in the band Sabaton, after Thobbe Englund left. He joined shortly after Sabaton released their eighth album The Last Stand. It was Thobbe Englund who played guitar on this album, but Tommy Johansson was the one who played with the band on the following tour. Tommy  was asked to join the band already back in 2012, but at that time this did not suit him, and it was then that Thobbe Englund joined.

Tommy Johansson has stated that he has been a fan of the band since he saw them play during the Sweden Rock Festival in 2005. At this time Tommy Johansson himself was 16-17 years old. He met the band after the concert and had his picture taken with them. In 2010, he met Sabaton's vocalist Joakim Brodén at a party. He heard that Joakim was playing Disney songs on the piano, and as a big fan of the Disney classics, he went over and the two ended up playing together and kept in touch ever since. Tommy also plays in the band The Last Heroes, together with Chris Rörland, Thobbe Englund and Hannes van Dahl. All current, or former, members of Sabaton.

In 2017, Twilight Force had Tommy Johansson as a vocalist at concerts for a period.

The album "Above the Sky" was released by what was previously Reinxeed in 2019. This was the first album after a long break, and the band therefore chose to start with blank slates, and also changed their name to Majestica.

Source: Translated from the Norwegian Wikipedia

Golden Resurrection

Golden Resurrection is a Neoclassical Power metal band from Sweden.

The formation was founded by singer Per Christian Liljegren (Audiovision,

Divinefire, Flagship, Wisdom Call and Narnia) and guitarist Tommy ReinXeed Johansson.

Source: Translated from the German Wikipedia


Majestica (formerly ReinXeed) is a Symphonic/Power metal band from Boden, Sweden. They were formed in 2000 by vocalist Tommy Johansson. They are influenced by soundtrack focused films such as The Lord of the Rings and bands like Helloween with Michael Kiske, and Rhapsody of Fire. In 2008, Majestica released their first studio album "The Light" with Rivel Records. This helped the band land an appearance in Japan where they gained fans. They have released seven full studio albums.

Majestica (originally known as ReinXeed) was created by Tommy Johansson in Boden, Sweden. ReinXeed was originally Johansson's solo project and on the debut album, "The Light", he played every instrument. Daniel Eskilsson, the drummer, and band leader of the Swedish melodic power metal band Majestic Vanguard, heard early versions of the songs Tommy posted to his MySpace page and put him in touch with Christian Liljegren of Rivel Records / CM Sweden. Jani Stefanovic co-produced and mixed the album and handled all the drums on the album. It was released on March 12, 2008 in Japan, and June 6, in Europe, via Rivel Records.

The album allowed Tommy to recruit a band: two guitarists, Kerry Lundberg and Mattias Johansson, keyboardist Henrik Fellermark, drummer Erik Forsgren and bassist Ace Thunder to record and release "Higher".

The band's next album, "1912", is a concept album about the Titanic and its sinking. The Japanese edition includes three bonus tracks: "ReinXeed Alliance", "Aces High" (an Iron Maiden cover) and "Pray for Japan", a song written and recorded to support Japan in the aftermath of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami. "Welcome to the Theater" was released in May 2012. "A New World" was released in 2013 with a new line up.

Shortly after that Tommy decided to take a break from music completely, and one year later him, Chris and Alexander decided to "get back on the horse again" and started to write new songs. In 2018 they performed at the Sabaton Open Air festival in Sweden. This was their first show in 5 years and was also the last show as ReinXeed because they decided they needed a fresh start as a band included a new name.

The band changed their name in 2019 from ReinXeed to Majestica upon their signing with record label  Nuclear Blast Records.

The album "Above The Sky" was announced to be released on June 7, 2019. In the buildup to the release of the album, lyric videos for the songs "Rising Tide" and "Night Call Girl" were made available.

The same day the album was released, an official music video for the title track was also released. With regard to that song in particular, Tommy says "that song is completely about Power Metal. How Power Metal is the best music in the world, and how it makes you feel when you listen to it. It's also a tribute to one of the best songs in the world, '"Eagle Fly Free"' by Helloween."

In October 2020, their next album was announced. "A Christmas musical power metal album "A Christmas Carol". It's pure Symphonic Power metal in the true Majestica spirit along with elements inspired by the likes of Twilight Force, Rhapsody, Alan Silvestri, Danny Elfman and John Williams.

With regards to the musical direction for the album he added, "Once again people can expect real Power metal, but this time it's a bit more Symphonic and epic compared to our previous album "Above the Sky". When it comes to the symphonic parts we've taken it a bit further and included a lot more orchestral instruments, including tubular bells, glockenspiel and sleigh bells to really get that Christmas sound to it.

Ahead of the "A Christmas Carol" album being released, music videos for the songs "Ghost of Christmas Past" and "Ghost of Marley" were made available. The album was released on December 4, 2020 as was an official music video for the song "The Joy of Christmas".

In early 2021 a European tour described as "a unique 'Power Metal meets Musical' staging of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens." was announced to take place in December 2021.

In June 2021, a digital 2-track single featuring live performances from the second of two shows they played in Tokyo in early 2020 was released. The two songs being "Above the Sky" and "Welcome to the Theatre" (the title track of the 2012 ReinXeed album). An official live music video capturing the performance of "Above The Sky" was released as well.

Source: Wikipedia

Memories Of Old

Memories of Old is a fantasy theme, Symphonic Power metal band from the United Kingdom that started in 2017.

On August 27, 2022, the band announced that Tommy was leaving the band. (Link)


As ReinXeed

The Light (2008)

Higher (2009)

Majestic (2010)

1912 (2011)

Welcome to the Theater (2012)

A New World (2013)

As Majestica

Above the Sky (2019)

A Christmas Carol (2020)

A Christmas Carol (Extended Version) (2021)


Tommy "ReinXeed" Johansson – lead guitar, lead vocals, keyboards

Chris David – bass, backing vocals

Joel Kollberg – drums

Petter Hjerpe - rhythm guitar

Former members

Uli Kusch – drums

Alexander Oriz – rhythm guitar, backing vocal (2012–2021)

Golden Resurrection

Glory to My King (2010)

Man with a Mission (2011)

One Voice for the Kingdom (2013)


Christian Liljegren - Vocals

Tommy ReinXeed - Guitars,vocals, Keyboards

Kenneth lillqvist - Keyboards

Steven K - Bass

Rickard Gustafsson - Drums

Other releases

Heroes of Vallentor: The Path to Victory (2009) demo

Swedish Hitz Goes Metal (2011)

Charlie Shred: Charlie Shred (2012) drums

Swedish Hitz Goes Metal II (2013)

Memories of Old

The Zeramin Game (2020)


The Great War (2019

The War to End All Wars (2022)


The Arrival (2022)

Symphony of Tragedy

Heroes of the World (2018) ep


Tommy Johansson - Guitars, Lead Vocals

Tomas Svedin - Rhythum Guitar, Bass Keyboards, Drums

Guest appearances

Heel - Chaos and Greed (2009) backing vocals

Kreator - Phantom Antichrist (2012) backing vocals

PelleK - Bag of Tricks (2012) guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, background vocals

Lancer - Lancer (2013) keyboards, tracks 3 and 4

Azoria - Seasons Change (2014) vocals, tracks 1 and 2

Ethereal Dawn - The Moonlight of Gloom (2015) bass guitar and backing vocals

Veonity - Gladiator's Tale (2015) vocals, track 7

Hypersonic - Existensia (2016) guitar and vocals, track 5

Moravius - Hope in Us (2016) lead vocals, track 6

Aldaria - Land of Light (2017) lead vocals, track 6

Exos - Time for a Change (2017) vocals

Dragony - Masters of the Multiverse (2018) guitar solo, track 6

Veonity - Legend of the Starborn (2018) vocals, track 4

Astralium - Land of Eternal Dreams (2019) vocals, track 3

Meadows End - The Grand Antiquation (2019) guitar solo, track 1

Twilight Force - Dawn of the Dragonstar (2019) backing vocals, Track 2

Source: Wikipedia

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