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First I will move all the bands from the second website to this website, because there were problems with the great amount of pages

Before I switched to this system, I was already updating the band-pages. Where I ended with the old website, I continued on the new website

The Bands M / R page, is ready up to and including Rush, ready

The Bands S / Z page is ready up to and including Steve Vai

There are 70 languages on this website, if you don't see your language, just tel me and I will add it

I've made the entire SlipKnot page (Story, Videos, Live Videos and All Music page) as a trial run, because I'm not sure yet if I'm going to continue this way, because I then bought a program for it.

Code received!

Everything has been transferred, so now we can continue as normal with janemperadorsmetalarchives.rocks

metalarchives.nl no longer exists. After all, that was a temporary website.

There are a few links that still go to the old temporary website, I'm going to change that once I've finished the Bands S/Z stories, otherwise I'll have to do it twice, through all the stories to change it.

You can leave a reply underneath every band-story, and on this page

I've placed a "Listen to Post" button, which reads the story of the complete page. At the moment it's only in English

I have placed a small menu on this page, at the top that shows what I have done on this website


Start all over again

I have to tell you something, In the beginning there was 1 website, but because of the large number of pages (740) I couldn't get the website online anymore after changes. That took 2 weeks. The provider did not come up with a solution and did not give any advice, yes too many pages. Then I came up with the solution myself. A second website, where I moved all bands from M to Z. Then later with 2 websites and over 1000 pages I ran into trouble again, after an update.

The provider did give advice at the time, take a WordPress website, because then you have no limit. And when you're at the limit, you just take up more space. The reality is, I was at the limit with 60 pages and couldn't log in anymore. I then asked the provider to transfer the website to a virtual server. They refused. So there was only 1 option left, to another provider.

My good friend Henk, from HK Webs, was willing to transfer me to another server. At that moment he had an cerebral infarction. So nothing happened at all. In October, more than 4 months later, Henk is doing much better and he can do something again.
To make matters worse, I got testicular cancer, but I am now cleared after the operation. Henk was, in a roundabout way, busy transferring the website, which did not work because the database was damaged.

So Henk had created a new temporary web address, metalarchives.nl
With this new website I transferred everything manually.

Now all content of metalarchives.nl has been transferred to janemperadorsmetalarchives, and we can continue as normal

This is of course just a hobby, and I'm not a professional, so if I don't know it anymore, I get advice from Henk. He also introduced me to WordPress. He is a WordPress specialist with his own company, HK Webs.
Well I have to say that I like WordPress much more than Sitebuilder, there are many more options. In fact, everything is possible.

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