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In the beginning

Because I know something about this music, I was invited around 2015 to start a blog about Rock and Metal music, on Pophistorie.nl, which is a website about 70+ years of pop music, and because I enjoy doing it, and to show and make it heard that there is more than just the music that they play on the radio. About professional musicians with an experience of often more than 40 years. These are the hard rock and metal bands. Often they are conservatory trained musicians.
I'm talking about people, like a Ronnie James Dio, with a vocal range of 3.5 octaves. About guitarists who have been playing guitar since they were only about six years old.

(for example Ritchie Blackmore) People with exactly the same passion, Rock and Metal music. Music with substance. In short, the best in the world. About the non-commercial branch of music, where it is mainly about the music and not about the money.

How does this website work?

The links of this website are next to each other at the top of the pages. (Menu for Mobile) The links below on the Homepage are from the old website. They are still there because I am working on transferring the bands from the old website.

Last page finished – André Matos

André Coelho Matos (São Paulo, September 14, 1971 – São Paulo, June 8, 2019 was a Brazilian singer, composer, conductor, producer and pianist, known for being the lead singer of the bands ViperAngra  and Shaman. The artist sold millions of copies during his career. He also led the Virgo and Symfonia  projects, in addition to making guest appearances in bands such as Avantasia and Aina. Since October 2006, he has been pursuing a solo career.

His CV includes Orchestral Conducting, Musical Composition, qualifications in Lyric Singing and qualifications in Classical Piano. He was voted the 77th best Brazilian singer of all time by Rolling Stone Brasil magazine.

There was a problem with the Video Gallery, so I had to remove it, for now we will continue without it, but the playlist buttons are still there, so you can still play the playlists.

Every now and then make a new page that is not yet on the old website, in this case André Matos' page is ready. I hope you like it.

I wanted to make a page about the early beginnings of our music for some time now, which brings us to the blues in the 1930s. It is now ready, Robert Johnson, very extensive story, spread over 2 pages, with many photos and 3 playlists, original, covers (the same songs as the original playlist), and documentaries, and 4 albums on the All Music page. Enjoy!

I have been working on improving the design on mobile phones, the whole website is ready. The All Music pages are not yet perfect, it is a lot of information for the small screen of a mobile phone.

First of all, thank you very much for the number of visitors, it is really a lot. I thought it would be nice that people could write something on the website. Besides a lot of spam and phishing, fortunately there are also normal messages. 10 to 20% is normal. There are many people who want to advertise their own business by listing their website. I have asked to remove that line. That just doesn't seem to be possible. There is no advertising on this website, I don't earn anything from it. I do this alone and pay for everything myself. Just a real hobby. I just enjoy doing this. I hope I make something nice, and contribute something to the metal community. So to my regret I have to remove the URLs for that reason. I hope you understand that, and I also hope you enjoy this website. I wanted to create a website where you can find everything about the bands you like. I hope that was successful.

I got most of the stories from Wikipedia, I'm always looking for the best story. That is why there are stories that have been translated from all kinds of Wikipedias. That's why I support Wikipedia every month. But every now and then bands also send their stories to me, the less known bands.

If you want to support the band you like, play the original video on YouTube instead of from someone else. This is becoming more and more important for the bands, because CDs are selling less and less. I didn't do it that way with the first bands I put on this website either, but I changed that. So now I started to change that with the first bands, It's done up to Nightwish

All live pages are equipped with Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music Links/buttons, except Sabaton. There is no Spotify Link because there is something strange with the URL, which has a negative effect on the entire website.

I made a Playlist page, which contains all YouTube playlists, on this website, and a link page for all, All Music pages, to make it easier to navigate

I am sorry if I do not respond to the images and links sent to me via Twitter and Facebook, that is only due to the virus danger

I have started transferring the Stories, Video, Live Video and All Music pages from the old website. It's done up to Jorn Lande

There are 70 languages on this website, if you don't see your language, just tel me and I will add it (if it is available)

Start all over again

I have to tell you something, In the beginning there was 1 website, but because of the large number of pages (740) I couldn't get the website online anymore after changes. That took 2 weeks. The provider did not come up with a solution and did not give any advice, yes too many pages. Then I came up with the solution myself. A second website, where I moved all bands from M to Z. Then later with 2 websites and over 1000 pages I ran into trouble again, after an update.

The provider did give advice at the time, take a WordPress website, because then you have no limit. And when you're at the limit, you just take up more space. The reality is, I was at the limit with 60 pages and couldn't log in anymore. I then asked the provider to transfer the website to a virtual server. They refused. So there was only 1 option left, to another provider.

My good friend Henk, from HK Webs, was willing to transfer me to another server. At that moment he had an cerebral infarction. So nothing happened at all. In October, more than 4 months later, Henk is doing much better and he can do something again.
To make matters worse, I got testicular cancer, but I am now cleared after the operation. Henk was, in a roundabout way, busy transferring the website, which did not work because the database was damaged.

So Henk had created a new temporary web address, metalarchives.nl
With this new website I transferred everything manually.

Now all content of metalarchives.nl has been transferred to janemperadorsmetalarchives, and we can continue as normal

This is of course just a hobby, and I'm not a professional, so if I don't know it anymore, I get advice from Henk. He also introduced me to WordPress. He is a WordPress specialist with his own company, HK Webs.
Well I have to say that I like WordPress much more than Sitebuilder, there are many more options. In fact, everything is possible.

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