Magic Kingdom Ballads

Magic Kingdom Heavy

Manowar Ballads

Manowar Heavy

Manowar Father in 18 Languages

Manowar Live

Meat Loaf Ballads

Meat Loaf Heavy

Meat Loaf Live

Megadeth Ballads

Megadeth Heavy

Megadeth Live

Mercyful Fate

Mercyful Fate Live Old

Mercyful Fate Live New

Metallica Ballads

Metallica Heavy

Metallica Live

Michael Schenker Ballads

Michael Schenker Heavy

Michael Schenker Live

Motörhead Ballads

Motörhead Heavy

Motörhead Live


Myrath Live

Nazareth Ballads

Nazareth Heavy

Nazareth Live

Nightwish Ballads

Nightwish Heavy

Nightwish End of an Era

Nightwish Live


Nirvana Unplugged in NY

Nirvana Live

Operation: Mindcrime

Operation: Mindcrime Live

Opeth Ballads

Opeth Heavy

Opeth Live

Orion's Reign

Orion's Reign Christmas

Ozzy Osbourne Ballads

Ozzy Osbourne Heavy

Ozzy Osbourne Live

Pagliacci Project

Pantera Ballads

Pantera Heavy

Pantera Live 2022/23

Pantera Live

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd Live

Poison Ballads

Poison Heavy

Poison Live


Powerwolf Metal Mass Teasers

Powerwolf Live

Primal Fear Ballads

Primal Fear Heavy

Primal Fear Live

Queensrÿche Ballads

Queensrÿche Heavy

Queensrÿche Unplugged

Queensrÿche Wacken 2015

Rage & LMO

Rage Ballads

Rage Heavy

Rage &LMO Live

Rage Live Wacken

Rage Live with LMO

Rainbow Ballads

Rainbow Heavy

Rainbow Live Old

Rainbow Live New

Rammstein Ballads

Rammstein Heavy

Rammstein Live

Rare Earth

Rare Earth Long Versions

Rare Earth Live


ReVamp Live

Rhapsody of Fire Ballads

Rhapsody of Fire Heavy

Rhapsody of Fire Live Canada

Rhapsody of Fire Live

Rhapsody Reunion

Rhapsody Reunion Live

Rhapsody Reunion Live Effenaar

Ring of Fire Ballads

Ring of Fire Heavy

Ring of Fire Live

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson Covers

Robert Johnson Documentaries

RJD The Early Years

RJD The Early Years 2


RJD Elf 2

RJD Elf Live

RJD Rainbow Ballads

RJD Rainbow Heavy

RJD Rainbow Live

RJD Black Sabbath

RJD Black Sabbath Live Evil

RJD Black Sabbath Live


RJD Dio 2

RJD Dio Tributes

RJD Dio Live

RJD Last in Line Live

RJD Dio Disciples Live

RJD Heaven and Hell Live Wacken

RJD Heaven and Hell Live RCMH

Rory Gallagher Ballads

Rory Gallagher Heavy

Rory Gallagher Live

Running Wild

Running Wild Live

Rush Ballads

Rush Heavy

Rush Live



Tarja Nightwish

Tarja Turunen Ballads

Tarja Turunen Heavy

Tarja Turunen Classical

Tarja Turunen Live

Testament Ballads

Testament Heavy

Testament Live

The Butterfy Ball

The Butterfly Ball RJD

The Doors

The Buts Band

The Doors Documentaries

The Doors No One Here Gets Out Alive

The Doors Live

The Doors of the 21st Century

Thin Lizzy Ballads

Thin Lizzy Heavy

Thin Lizzy Live

The Who Ballads

The Who Heavy

The Who Live

Threshold Ballads

Threeshold Heavy

Threshold Live

Timo Tolkki Ballads

Timo Tolkki Heavy

Timo Tolkki Live

Tommy Johansson Covers 2022

Tommy Johansson Ballads

Tommy Johansson Ballads 2

Tommy Johansson Heavy

Tommy Johansson Heavy 2

Tommy Johansson MajesticaChristmas

Tommy Johansson Majestica/Reinxeed

Tommy Johansson 24 Christmas songs

Tommy Vitaly Ballads

Tommy Vitaly Heavy

Tommy Vitaly All Videos

Tommy Vitaly Yngwie Marlmsteen Covers

Tommy Vitaly Live

Tony MacAlpine Ballads

Tony MacAlpine Heavy

Tony MacAlpine Live


Toto Live

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Never Enough Lights

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Live

Turilli / Lione Rhapsody Docu

Turilli / Lione Rhapsody

Turilli / Lione Rhapsody Live


Turisas Live

Twilight Force

Twilight Force Live

Twisted Sister Ballads

Twisted Sister Heavy

Twisted Sister Live

Uli Jon Roth Ballads

Uli Jon Roth Heavy

Uli Jon Roth Classical

Uli Jon Roth Live

Unisonic Ballads

Unisonic Heavy

Unisonic Live

Universal Mind Project

Uriah heep Ballads

Uriah heep Heavy

Uriah heep Old Live

Uriah heep New Live

Van Canto Ballads

Van Canto Heavy

Van Canto Live

Van halen Ballads

Van Halen Heavy

Van Halen Live

Vision Divine Ballads

Vision Divine Heavy

Vision Divine Live

Visions of Atlantis Ballads

Visions of Atlantis Heavy

Visions of Atlantis Live

Vitalij Kuprij Ballads

Vitalij Kuprij Heavy

Vitalij Kuprij Classical

Vitalij Kuprij Live

Vivaldi Metal Project

Vivaldi Metal Project Trailers

Vivaldi Metal Project Mistheria on Piano

Vivaldi Metal Project Live


Volbeat Live

Walter Trout

Walter Trout Live

W.A.S.P. Ballads

W.A.S.P. Heavy

W.A.S.P. Live

Whitesnake Ballads

Whitesnake Heavy

Whitesnake Live

Within Temptation Ballads

Within Temptation RTL Late Night

Within Temptation Heavy

Within Temptation Live

Xandria Ballads

Xandria Heavy

Xandria Instrumental

Xandria Live

Yngwie Malmsteen Ballads

Yngwie Malmsteen Heavy

Yngwie Malmsteen Live

Zakk Wylde Ballads

Zakk Wylde Heavy

Zakk Wylde Live

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