Fabio Lione Biography

Based on his past news and information, Fabio Lione himself checked and edited this biography, originally written for his Japanese official site.

1973 (0 month old) 

Fabio was born in Pisa, Italy on October 9.
His original name is Fabio Tordiglione.
When Fabio was a child, he was mainly interested in nature, animals. Usually he painted animals and played video games.
His memories or experiences about music were just connected to radio things, and he didn't discover a "passion" for the music, not yet...

1987 (14 years old)

He bought his first Metal/Rock album, The Final Countdown. This first encounter with the famous album of Europe became an important key to open the world of Heavy metal music for him.

While he was studying at Technical highschool in Pisa, thanks to the classmates who were impressed by his singing of the "The Final Countdown", he discovered his own beautiful voice. (although he couldn't read the notes well, he could sing exactly like Joey Tempest, especially his high tone range and clear voice are similar to Joey's.)

He took vocal lessons for baritone taught by his old friend, 12 times (about for 5 months), which developed his vocal range to be compared with Freddie Mercury of Queen. He tried to sing some songs of rock bands in English, and also "Una furtiva lacrima"(A secret tear) by Pavarotti. (video)

1990 (17 years old)

Fabio saw the Monsters of Rock festival, and his life had changed.

He began to sing with a small underground group.

The band was a sort of Rock and roll cover band, and they played all the '50 and '60 classics for example Elvis Presley's songs.

He had the passion for music of some groups like QueensrycheFates Warning, and Crimson Glory, that made him to decide to form a metal band.

1992 (19 years old)

Fabio started to listen many CDs, albums, and he was searching for a band.

1993 (20 years old)

His musical activities continued with a young group from Pisa, Athena. They were a Progressive metal band with their own unique style and challenged various expressions.

Fabio recorded a demotape with Athena and this was his first experience in a metal band.

He did 20 shows with the band, and the demotape was a good experience for them.

After 2 years he left the band. Athena released their first album in 1995, "Inside,the moon" with another singer, Alessio Mosti.

He met the guys of Labyrinth, at the time the band was called "Vision."

Fabio was thinkin' about the original concept of No limits and changed the name of the band in "Labyrinth" after that the band started to work on a demotape "Midnight resistance" in 1993.

1993-94 (20-21 years old)

Fabio recorded a demotape with Labyrinth, with many concerts. a very good years for him!

Fabio passed Technical highschool with average marks in 1993. Like he said: "I don't like school much" so he was mainly singing.

He organized a band with his good friend, Carlo Andrea Magnani (better known as Olaf Thorsen). They gave birth to Labyrinth.

They had the concerts in many places in Italy, Fabio was filled with energy and powerfully screamed a lot on stages all the time.

At first his stage name was Joe Terry, which was the interesting combination of his favorite heroes' names in Japanese games, 'cause they thought it was needed not to show their Italian roots. His first instrument was a Shure SM 58 microphone.

1995 (22 years old)

Fabio recorded an EP with Labyrinth. This EP, "Piece Of Time" was made before the album "No limits", in the end of 1995, (like a sort of single of the album) this contains the songs titled "Piece of time" "In the shade" "Call me", and "miles away" The vocal lines and the lyrics were made by Fabio, (except the lyrics of "Call me" that was made by Olaf).

1996 (23 years old)

The First album with Labyrinth was released (but immediately after that he left the band!)

Fabio created the vocal lines for 10 songs and the lyrics for 9 songs as well, and made up the album No limits with Olaf. His lyrics were mainly based on his personal experiences or his real emotions. He did a sort of "concept". All the lyrics were connected in the album. (and in the second album of the band "Return to the heaven denied." Olaf Thorsen completed the "story" that Fabio started in "No limits")

Their style was quite new and special, mixed with the elements of Thrash metalProgressive rockelectric pop music, etc. He was the singer of Labyrinth for 3 years and half, and they shared a lot of things together.

But Fabio had to leave the band, because other members didn't prefer to take a position in the world as one of the top class bands, just the differences between their future visions, and because of some trouble that Fabio had with some members.

1997 (24 years old)

First meeting with Rhapsody, and first album with the band! His new brilliant legend was started in this year. At the same time with his belonging to Athena, he began his collaboration with Rhapsody, a young group from Trieste - now famous in the whole world for their Symphonic Power metal.

It is said their collaboration came true because Sacha Peath (producing the mega hits of Rhapsody) found Fabio's excellence of "Piece of Time" in the first album of Labyrinth.

Fabio was called to join recording with Rhapsody at Gate Pathway Studio in Wolfsburg (Germany. Because Fabio met Luca and Alex for the first time, it took time for them to know each other. When Fabio began to sing "Land of Immortals", an arguement happened between them but it was solved with their reconcilation.

They gradually understood his abilitiy and personality, and their union was reinforced, then the first masterpiece "Legendary tales" was completed from October 1996 to June 1997, the world welcomed this new release in October.

1998 (25 years old)

Album with Athena and second album with Rhapsody!! Great year!

The guys of Athena called Fabio, so they started to work on the second album of the band "A new religion?"

This album Fabio that recorded with Athena was released in 1998. Fabio wrote the lyrics and the vocal lines for 10 songs, his lyrics were written with "religious and philosophical" words and had the tendency to reflect deep meanings on their music.

Fabio and the members of Athena attended on the Axel Rudi Pell Tour 1998 in December with Dreamscape, another Progressive metal band from Germany.

But after that, the band regretfully decided to break up because of the changes in their personal life styles.

Rhapsody received the sensational reputations to the 1st album, and began to create the second one, with more Classical music influences, orchestral sounds and operatic elements with a choir. Fabio recorded Symphony of enchanted lands with them from May to August, and it was relesased in November.

A little earlier, a single "Emerald Sword" was published in October. Fabio's excellent vocals were much more developed with the epic sounds of Rhapsody.

1999 (26 years old)

Participation with Ayreon, and first album of Vision Divine!

Fabio returned to collaborate with Olaf Thorsen for Vision Divine, along with Rhapsody. They planned to begin a lot of things simply for their recovered friendship. They recorded the 1st album "Vision divine" at Dave Rodgers Studio (Romanore), in which Fabio made 9 vocal lines and wrote the lyrics for 1 song, then published it in October.

The type of their music showed their taste of pure '80s hard rock styles that influenced them so much. Their theme and lyrics include "divine" thoughts, which control human lives, with images of angels or God.

Fabio was invited as a guest singer to Arjen Anthony Lucassen¨s project"Ayreon", and recorded the song "Through the wormhole" on the album, Universal Migrator Part 2: Flight of the Migrator. His expressive vocal effectively described the thrilling and mystic atmosphere in a particular, Progressive rock-style.

2000 (27 years old)

Many concerts with Rhapsody and the third album with the band!

Fabio's successful career with Rhapsody continued, the third album Dawn of Victory was recorded in Germany between June and August. His vocal style became more aggressive and stronger with an emphasis on the Power metal flavor on this album. This energetic voice sounded especially effective for their shows.

Fabio went with Rhapsody to join Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica on a successful European Tour (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal) in April and May. In August they had a chance to join the Wacken Open Air Festival 2000 in Germany.

He attended the Rock Machina Festival in Spain, in July and traveled with Vision Divine on the South American tour (Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Chile and Argentina) in November and December.

In this year, many bands including Rhapsody and Vision Divine were published on a tribute album to Helloween "The Keepers of Jericho". Fabio sang 2 songs "Guardians" with Rhapsody and "Eagle fly free" with Vision Divine on this album.

His first Eurobeat song "Eye of the tiger" ("Super Eurobeat vol. 101") was also released in Japan. His name for eurobeat project was J. Strom, deriving from Joey Tempest. He has published 11 Eurobeat songs until 2003.

2001 (28 years old)

Many concerts, next album with Rhapsody. A very strange and a bit sad year for him.

Between April and August he recorded the album Rain of a Thousand Flames with Rhapsody in Germany, and it was released in December. The album contained some big songs of more than 10 minutes or fast power metal songs, so they needed as much energy as for a regular album.

Fabio performed on stages with Rhapsody at Gods of Metal festival Milan 2001 in June, during the South American Tour (Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Chile) and at Rock Machina Festival Spain, in July.

At the same time he sang with Vision Divine at 2 concerts in Italy in May and at Festa dell'unit Suzzara (Mantova) in August.

After that, Fabio recorded the 4th album Power of the dragonflame with Rhapsody at the studio in Germany during November and December. He tried various vocal styles from the agressive/death voice to the perfect operatic style in "Lamento Eroico", it was a good chance for him to grow his possibilities as a talented vocalist.

2002 (29 years old)

New album from Vision Divine! And new album from Rhapsody! (On tour very soon after that!)

In January, the second album of Vision Divine, Send me an angel ( recorded at Rodgers Studio from May in 2001) was released. Fabio composed 8 vocal lines for this album, their expressions became more serious and deeper, close to the reality of divinity and humanity with progressive and heavy sounds.

And an album Beto Vazquez Infinity was released in february, including the song "The battle of the past" in which Fabio was singing as a guest vocalist for the Beto Vázquez Infinity project. His heroic vocal finely matched this brave song.

Rhapsody published Power of the dragonflame in March and amazingly raised up the ranks on music charts in various countries. Together with their fame spreading in the world, Fabio's great vocals came to be esteemed higher as "The Voice of Italian Metal".

Fabio set out on the first headliner tour of Rhapsody, (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan and Korea) and joined the summer festivals in Europe - Bang your head!!! Festival  (Germany) with RhapsodyWacken Open Air Festival 2002 in Germany, and "Z7" in Pratteln, Swizerland with Vision Divine.

Then he recorded 4 demo songs with Vision Divine in November and performed on an Italian Tour in December.

2003 (30 years old)

Fabio attended the great shows with Vision Divine at Gods of Metal 2003 (Milan) and at Heineken Jammin' Festival (Imola) in June.

In August, he started recording the 5th album with Rhapsody in Germany. Adding more new arrangements to their music, the process of their main production took time from October to November. Fabio did his best with the members of Rhapsody for this new masterpiece.

But finally it became impossble for him to record with Vision Divine until the limited term, so that the announcement was done that Fabio had to leave Vision Divine in December.

He gave 6 new vocal lines to them and they started to record the new album, Stream of Consciousness with Michele Luppi as the new singer.

He also thought to stop singing Eurobeat music and decided to concentrate on his activities with  Rhapsody and his solo projects in the near future.

2004 (31 years old)

Fabio's singing parts were finally ready in February. Thus Rhapsody's new album Symphony of Enchanted Lands part II - The Dark Secret was ready by their efforts. Fabio said "i'm sure you will like the new rhapsody album, it's a new step for us I think. I used very different approach in the songs, and I really think it will be a great album." And his words actually came true.

He started to compose new songs for his first solo album. He is thinking of 2 operatic songs, 3 metal songs, 2 slow songs (ballads), some cover songs (Queen or Scorpions) and more so far. But this may be changed by his ideas. Fabio said it would be different from Rhapsody, surely a rock album.

Fabio went to be on a Rhapsody promo tour for their new album from July to September (Canada, US, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Greece, UK). Especially on the release day of 27th September, they had a great signing session with Christopher Lee in London.

And Fabio appeared with Rhapsody on a TV music program in Germany in October. He showed his passionate performance for the live song "Unholy Warcry”. It was a big chance to spread the fame of Rhapsody and Fabio.

Fabio, Rhapsody members and Christopher Lee recorded "The Magic of The Wizard's Dream" in 4 languages (English, Italian, French, German) from the latter of November to the beginning of December. This awaited new single was released early in 2005. Again sensational reputations are expected.

2005 (32 years old)

"The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream" maxi-single was released on 29th March, and Fabio's great vocal abilities were shown by the perfect duet with Christopher Lee from the versions in all 4 languages (English, Italian, French and German.)

Rhapsody´s new video "The Magic of The Wizard's Dream" was finally introduced on the Rhapsody Official Forum on March 31st. Rhapsody members are playing this song surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, Fabio and Mr. Lee excellently harmonize their magic duet together with a 40 pieces orchestra.

Fabio went to Germany and appeared at "Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel" on German TV on April 2nd. Fabio did his best to sing "The Magic of The Wizard's Dream" in German together with Mr. Lee. His passon in the brilliant vocals must have deeply moved German people's hearts.

Until this spring, Fabio has composed 6 songs for his solo album, but he still has to find the musicians suitable for his solo project or something to solve. His own album filled with his various possibilities is expected to see the light in the future. It will be a big surprise, and after Athena, LabyrinthVision Divine and Rhapsody, finally it's time for a Fabio Lione cd!!!

Fabio flew to the New World with Rhapsody for their first North American Tour during June 2-19. Rhapsody and Fabio enchanted a lot of people in US and Canada with the magic of their music and his supreme voice. They actually performed 12 shows and the best ones were done in Canada, as Fabio and the other members said.
Live shows in Cleveland, Winston Salem, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, Charleston (cancelled), Baltimore, Buffalo (cancelled),Toronto, Quebec City, Montreal, Philadelphia, Worcester and New York.

In the summer, Fabio and Rhapsody members appeared at Masters of Rock, (15-17 July) and Earthshaker Fest (21-23 July). Fabio bravely sang "Unholy Warcry" "Land of Immortals" "Emerald Sword" and other power metal tunes. Especially "The Magic of The Wizard's Dream" "Lamento Eroico" were beautifully expressed with Fabio's pure and deep vocals.

His voice led everyone's heart into mid-summer dreams. On October 9, Fabio celebrated his 32nd birthday. His fans sent him so many celebrating messages and wished him brilliant success and happiness. Their eternal respect and love were dedicated to the supreme artist with his precious voice, talents of music and warm-hearted personality.

Fabio, Luca and Alex were working together to prepare for their new activities at the studio during October 24 to 29 (and again they will prepare a new Rhapsody CD in the first days of 2006 - before the 2006 live activities.) The fixed news about Rhapsody's first live album was officially announced on November 28."Live In Canada 2005 - The Dark Secret" was confirmed to be relesed on January 23, 2006. People will be strongly impressed again by the most successful show recorded at Albert-Rousseau Arena in Quebec Canada on June 13, 2005.

Fabio is now ready for the upcoming 2006, full of live performances and new creations with Rhapsody. His heavenly voice will echo in the infinite sky, his wings of music will be spread over the world, and his passionate soul will shine more gloriously in the golden sun.

Because of copyright issues, the band officially changed its name to Rhapsody of Fire. Under the Nuclear Blast label they released two more albums and one EP and did a worldwide tour as well, as many festivals.

Triumph or Agony was released in 2006, followed by The Frozen Tears of Angels in 2010, and From Chaos to Eternity in 2011. Rhapsody of Fire, with Fabio at its helm, went back to the studio without long time guitarist and founding member Luca Turilli, to record a new album, Dark Wings of Steel. The album was released in 2013.

May 28, 2008 was announced the return of Fabio in Vision Divine with which, in 2009, recorded the CD "9 Degrees West Of The Moon". The band then makes many dates to support the cd. In 2012, under Edel / Ear music, they recorded "Destination Set To Nowhere", the band's new cd that received enthusiastic reviews, excellent reviews and was considered as probably the band's best ever work. Flanked to the normal version of the CD the band also releases a limited version with a double CD, a sort of "Best of" resonated and re-covered with old songs of the band, with a cover, "Gutter Ballet" from Savatage.

Kamelot 2010 (37 years old)

On September 6, 2010 Kamelot announced that Roy Khan had fallen seriously ill during rehearsals for the upcoming North American tour, just a few days before its scheduled start, and had returned to Norway. While it was initially reported that the band would continue the tour with the Norwegian vocalist Michael Eriksen of Circus Maximus in Roy Khan's place, the band later announced that it would postpone the tour with Roy Khan,

though one show was performed with Michael Eriksen at the ProgPower USA XI festival in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 10, 2010. However, on December 16, due to Khan's lingering illness, it was announced that Fabio would replace Roy for the remaining and rescheduled dates on the Pandemonium over Latin America,

Europe and North America tours in 2011, and later the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise in 2012. Other guest singers appeared on selected shows, such as Simone Simons singing "The Haunting" and Don't You Cry, together with Fabio.

Angra 2013 (40 years old)

Fabio has been invited as a guest singer by the Brazilian Power metal band Angra at 70000 Tons of Metal festival 2013, the band was in fact without a singer after Edu Falaschi has left his post, the two shows performed together with the Italian singer turned out to be a success and the Brazilian band was one of the most acclaimed bands at the 70000 ton of Metal 2013. The collaboration continues on April 14, 2013, in fact he participates with the band at the Live N 'Louder Festival in the company of Twisted SisterLoudness and Metal Church in Sao Paulo in Brazil.

At the end of July / August 2013 he made a commemorative tour in South America, the band celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the release of the first album, Angels Cry with 11 shows and recorded a DVD at the last show in Sao Paulo on the 25th of August. On October 19, the band plays a co-headliner at the renowned Japanese Loud park festival 13, making it one of the most acclaimed bands of the festival along with Europe. The commemorative tour continues with 14 other shows in South America and 4 in Europe, where the band performs on June 22, 2014 at Hellfest in France.

In the company of bands such as Black SabbathSoundgardenAerosmith etc. A little later in Sweden they starded recording for the new Angra CD, Secret Garden, the first one with Fabio.

Eurobeat 2000-2005/2013

Fabio's first Eurobeat song Eye of the Tiger was released in Japan in 2000. His name for the Eurobeat project was "J. Storm", deriving from Joey Tempest. (Europe) He published thirteen Eurobeat songs (linked list on the All Music page) under this name between 2000 and 2005 and has declared that he wouldn't be making anymore Eurobeat in the future. However, by the end of 2013 a new song was released called "Dancing into fire". One of his songs, "Dancing in My Dreams", was also used in Initial D Battle Stage.

Eternal Idol - Rhapsody of Fire's 11th Album 2016 (43 years old)

In 2016 Fabio founds Eternal Idol together with guitaristl Nick Savio.
The band is a split from Hollow Haze where Fabio cooperated on the album "Countdown To Revenge".

Also on this album Fabio takes care of most of the lyrics and vocal lines.
In 2021 a new second album sees the day. "Reinassance" has been, very welcomed by both press and fans, especially abroad.

In 2016, Rhapsody of Fire released the album Into the Legend. After a short tour promoting the album, Fabio announced on September 28 that he was parting ways with the band. From April 2017 to March 2018, he joined Luca Turilli and his former bandmates to tour the world as Rhapsody Reunion on the 20th Anniversary Farewell Tour.

Lione Conti 2018 (45 years old)

In 2018 Frontiers Records issues the studio album Lione/Conti.
A studio project together with Luca Turilli's Rhapsody-singer Alessandro Conti (Trick or Treat, Twilight Force).

The project was conceived by Frontiers's president Serafino Perugino, who was willing to create an Italian version of the label's Allen/Lande partnership. The album was written and produced by Simone Mularoni (DGM).

Turilli / Lione Rhapsody 2019 (46 years old)

In 2019 Fabio joined the new Rhapsody-incarnation Turilli/Lione Rhapsody. While Fabio was still touring with AngraLuca was busy with composing the new album. Luca had locked himself up for 3 months and came out with a new CD. On June 28, 2019, there first and last album, Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution) was released.

While they were touring in South America, the Corona pandemic broke out, and they had to cancel the tour and fly back to Italy. After the pandemic, they resumed the tour in 2023. After completing the tour, they disbanded the band and went their separate ways. Luca concentrated on his first piano album, and Fabio continued with Angra.

Spirits Of Fire 2021 (48 years old)

Fabio was announced on december 8, 2021 as the new singer of supergroup Spirits of Fire, with their second album “Embrace The Unknown" that was released on February 28, 2022 via Frontiers Records.


Angra 2023 (50 years old)

The band announced that their tenth album, "Cycles of Pain", would be released on November 1, 2023 in Japan and on November 3 elsewhere. It is their first album to be released under Atomic Fire.

Source: Fabio's Official Japanese Website, and a little bit from his own website, and a bit from me

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