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Eternal Idol is a Italian Symphonic Metal band that first started as a project under the name Hallow Haze. Hollow Haze was formed in 2003 by Nick Savio (before from White Skull) with the idea to put together a new original “Hard & Heavy” sound. After some sessions at Remaster Studio, the soul of the band was strongly outlined and just a fews months later the first outset album "Hollow Haze" (My Graveyard Productions – 2006) was released. At the end of 2008 the band signed for Crash & Burn records. The second album "The Hanged Man" got a great response from magazines and hard and heavy websites, a great step ahead for the band.

With a great production Hollow Haze outlined once and for all their “big heavy dark” sound. The official videoclip of "Coming from Hell" was released in December. in January 2011 the new album “End of a dark Era” got great feedback from the music business and several shows followed the album release.

Thanks to a new management deal with Alpha Omega management in 2012, the band has been on tour with Tarja around Europe. On March 2012 an headliner Israel mini tour, gets a great response from magazines and websites. In June another great opportunity: A deal with Bakertem records for the new album "Poison in Black" recorded at Remaster Studio. In September the band released the new videoclip "Haunting the Sinner".

On February 2013 Fabio Lione (Vision DivineAngraRhapsody of FireRhapsody ReunionTurilli/Lione Rhapsody) joined the band as the new singer. At the same time Hollow Haze announced the collaboration with Nightbreeder and the Wintermoon Orchestra for the new 5th album "Countdown to Revenge", recorded at Remaster Studio and Mixed by Sascha Paeth at Gate Studios. In June 2013 the band announced a deal with Scarlet records for the new album "Countdown to Revenge".

In 2014 the band parted ways with singer Fabio Lione, but shortly after announced that Mats Levén (Yngwie Malmsteen, TherionCandlemass), Rick Altzi (MasterplanAt Vance), Amanda Somerville (AvantasiaEpicaKamelotEdguyAfter Forever), Ivan Giannini (DerdianVision Divine) and Claudia Layline (Serenade) took part in the recording sessions as very special guest singers.

"Memories Of An Ancient Time" offers a wide range of musical landscapes, mixing heavy guitar riffs and pounding rhytms with inspiring and emotional lead vocals and choruses. Thanks to their passion and hard work, Hollow Haze are not afraid to confront themselves with every music style, getting their inspiration both from the past and the modern Heavy Metal scene. "Memories Of An Ancient Time" waqs released on 9th June 2015 has been mastered by Mika Jussila (NightwishApocalypticaChildren Of Bodom) at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland and mixed by Nick Savio at Remaster Studio.

In August 2015 Giorgia Colleluori (Sinner) joined the band as new official singer. Eternal Idol are born as an evolution of the project Hollow Haze. After an intense live activity on many stages all around Europe, either as headliners or as support act of such artists as TarjaAccept and DragonForce, the band’s lineup solidified around Nick Savio, drummer Camillo Colleluori and his daughter, the young rising star vocalist Giorgia Colleluori.

In 2016, once Fabio Lione and Andrea Buratto (Secret Sphere and Hell in the Club) joined the band, it was decided to give the project a fresh new start, and changed there name, thus Eternal Idol were born. But Hallow Haze continued to exist as a separate band. Nick Savio plays in both bands. They offer a modern mix of Class Heavy-Rock with Symphonic elements with male and female lead vocals. "The Unrevealed Secret" is the seventh album of the band, but the first album under the new name and is out on Frontiers Music Srl.

"The unrevealed secret", had an excellent response from the public and the press. A promotional tour in Italy and Spain follows the release. After a lineup change that sees the entry of Enrico Fabris on drums and Serenade-singer, Claudia Layline (Claudia Duronio) joint the band to do the duets together with Fabio. The band gets to work to record new material announcing a new album scheduled for 2020. "Renaissance", this is the title of new album, that was released on November 6, 2020 on Frontiers Records and Ward Records for the Japanese market.

The album is anticipated by the video clips of "Into the darkness" and "Dark Eclipse", while the video of the song "Black Star" comes out at the same time as the release. On January 16, 2021, Eternal Idol released the lyrics video of the ballad, "Away from Heaven", the latest single from the new album "Renaissance". On February 19th they release a digital EP containing 4 rearranged covers with orchestrations typical of the band's style, entitled "Rocking with the Idols".

Italian symphonic metallers Eternal Idol are set to return with a follow-up to their well received debut album, “The Unrevealed Secret”. Band masterminds Nick Savio (guitar) and Fabio Lione (vocals) are joined by returning member Andrea Buratto (bass) and new additions Claudia Layline (vocals) and Enrico Fabris (drum). “The new album, “Renaissance” has all the elements we strive to incorporate to keep our heavy, dark, symphonic, classic rock sound in top form,” say Nick Savio and Fabio Lione.

With the first chapter, “The Unrevealed Secret” (2017), of their musical story, Eternal Idol enjoyed a great response from fans and media alike thanks to the variety of the songs and the powerful co-lead male and female vocals. The recipe evolves to the next level on “Renaissance”.

“Now is time to take another step ahead,“ says Nick. “For these new songs, we put our heart, experience, and musical attitude all in here to achieve something special. With the new line-up brining a boosted chemistry to the proceedings, we feel confident fans will agree we’ve outdone ourselves here.”

Aggressive guitar riffs, orchestral arrangements, superb vocal melodies, and jaw-dropping instrumental parts are the order of the day here.

Coincidentally, the latest tragic events happening in the world today happen to be connected to the lyrical concept of the album. The message is a positive one and explores the concept of resurrection…. from bad, difficult situations, humanity and nature survive and ultimately become stronger.

“We can’t wait to share our new creature with all of you,” conclude Nick Savio and Fabio Lione.

A significant member-change took place in 2021 and 2022. Claudia Layline left the band in 2021 and was replaced by Letizia Merlo. In 2022, Fabio Lione left the band and was replaced by Gabriele Gozzi. On November 9, 2022 the band released a new single, with the new vocalists, called "Ecstasy and Pain"


Hollow Haze (2006)

The Hanged Man (2008)

End of a dark Era (2011)

Poison in Black (2012)

Countdown to Revenge (2013)

Memories Of An Ancient Time (2015)

The Unrevealed Secret (2016)

Between Wild Landscapes and Deep Blue Seas (2019)

Renaissance (2020)

Rocking With The Idols (2021) ep


Gabriele Gozzi - vocals (2022 - present)

Letizia Merlo - vocals (2021 - present)

Nick Savio - guitar & keyboard (2016 - present)

Enrico Fabris - drums - (2019 - present)

Andrea Buratto - bass (2016 - present)

Members Hallow Haze

Nick Savio Guitars (2003-present)

Dave Cestaro Bass (2010-present)

Paolo Caridi Drums (2017-present)

Fabio Dessi Vocals (2017-present)

Former members

Dave Cestaro - Bass

Giorgia Colleluori Lead vocals (2016-2019)

Camillo Colleluori - Drums (2003-2019)

Fabio Lione Lead Vocals (2016-2022)

Claudia Layline - vocals (2019-2021)

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