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Tommaso Vitaly, or Tommy Vitaly (born the 3th of may 1974, Florence Italy) is an italian Heavy/Power/Neoclassical Metal guitar player.

His career starts back in 2002 with the power metal band SevenGates, publishing 2 albums : "Unreality"  for Megahard records in 2002,

"The Good and the Evil" in 2006 at Rock it Up Records.

He made his first demo with the band in 2000

Solo Career

In 2009 he decides to leave the band, and start with his own solo project called "Tommy Vitaly". In 2010 he pubishes his first album called "Just me" for the german label Icewarrior Records. The album has some very good guest musicians.

On vocals "Thomas Vikstrom" (CandlemassTherion), and on drums "Rhino" On keyboards Vitalij Kuprij, (ArtensionRing of Fire) and Mistheria, (Vivaldi Metal Project) and David Shankle (Manowar) for a guest guitar solo.

"Just me" was mainly an instrumental guitar album, with 2 vocal songs, and it had a very good response by the webzines and magazines around the world, especially in Japan, where it was in the first 10 chart position as a imported metal album.

Hanging Rock

After 2 years, a second album called "Hanging Rock" was published, for the german Icewarrior Records. This time the songs on the album are mostly vocal songs, except for 2 instrumentals. The line up is even bigger than "Just Me", and sees many international guests: David Defeis (Virgin SteeleAvantasia), Zak Stevens (SavatageCircle ll CircleTodd LaTorre (Crimson GloryQueensryche), Carsten Lizard Schulz (Iron Mask, Sanvoisen, Domain, AltariaShining Line, Eden´s Curse),

Michele Luppi (Secret SphereWhitesnake, Vision DivineMats Levén (Yngwie Malmsteen, Therion, CandlemassTrans Siberian- Orchestra), Rhino (Holy Hell) on drums, Norifumi Shima (Concerto Moon) and Ferdy Doernberg  (HelloweenAxel Rudi Pell, Rough Silk, Holy Moses, Eden´s Curse) as guests on guitar and keyboard solos. The album had very good reviews from the press, and was considered Top Album on some heavy metal webzines.

Forever Lost

In 2016 an EP was released by IceWarrior Records and called "Forever Lost". This Ep includes the acoustic version of the ballad "Forever Lost", but with Henrik Brockmann (Royal HuntDC Cooper) on vocals.

The song originally was included on the previous album "Hanging Rock" with David Defeis on vocals.

The EP includes also some older instrumental material Tommy wrote when he was younger and he never published before, plus a remixed version of "Fly high touch the sky" song and a live version of "Ready to Die", recorded live in 2013 in Firenze


in 2017 "Indivisible" was published. A new full album, with a massive production by Simone Mularoni. On drums Alessandro Bissa, (Vision DivineLabyrinth) and as guest musicians Carsten Lizard Schulz, Henrik BrockmannApollo Papathanasio (Firewind, Meduza), Fabio Lione, (Turilli/Lione Rhapsody) Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth), Jan Manenti, Chiara Manese, Alessio Gori on vocals, and Gabriels with 2 songs on keyboards.

The album was published by the italian SG Records, but unfortunately the record label failed after a couple of months, and the album had not the chance to be promoted properly. "Indivisible" had very good reviews from all over the world, and Tommy started touring, in Italy and in Finland, where he played successfully at the Lankafest festival in Oulu.

After a couple of years,in 2019 a single was released only on digital platform called "Womanizer", with Apollo Papathanasio on vocals and mixed by Alessandro DelVecchio this time.

Tommy has been guest guitarist on some important albums, such as the Vivaldi Metal Project, Carsten Lizard Schulz Syndicate, and the David Shankle Group "Still a warrior".


With Seven Gates

Demo - (2000)

Unreality - (2002)

Demo - (2003)

The Good and the Evil - (2008)

As Vitaly

Diva - (2006) demo

The Darkest Love - (2006)

Diva - (2007)

Gothic Erotic - (2008)

Tommy Vitaly

Just me - (2010)

Hanging Rock - (2012)

Forever Lost - (2016) ep

Indivisible - (2017)

Band lineup on Just Me

Tommy Vitaly – guitars and keyboards
Thomas Vikström – vocals
Andrea Tower Torricini – bass
Rhino – drums

Special guests:
Mistheria – keyboards solo on “Finally Free”
David Shankle – guitar solo on “Ready To Die”

Band lineup on Hanging Rock

Tommy Vitaly – guitars and keyboards
Andrea Tower Torricini – bass
Rhino – drums

Vocal guests:
Mats Leven
David Defeis
Carsten “Lizard” Schulz
Zak Stevens
Todd La Torre
Michele Luppi

Special guest:
Norifumi Shima – guitar solos on “Idol”
Ferdy Doernberg – keyboard solo on “Idol” and “Hanging Rock”
David Shankle – guitar solo on “Heavy Metal God”

Band Lineup on Forever Lost

Tommy Vitaly – guitars and keyboards
Andrea Tower Torricini – bass
Matteo Amoroso – drums

Henrik Brockman on “Forever Lost (Acoustic version)”
Alessio Gori on “Ready To Die (Live)”
Thomas Vikstrom on “Fly High, Touch the Sky (2015 Remix and Remastered version)”

Additional musicians:
Rhino drums on  “Fly High, Touch the Sky (2015 Remix and Remastered version)”
Alessio Lucatti keyboards on “Vertigo Suite” and “Fly High, Touch the Sky (2015 Remix and Remastered version)”

Band lineup on Indivisible

Tommy Vitaly – guitars and keyboards
Andrea Tower Torricini – bass
Alessandro Bissa – drums

Vocal guests:
Fabio Lione on “Sinner”
Roberto Tiranti on “Macabradanza”
Alessio Gori on “Wings Of Doom”
Apollo Papathanasio on “The Lodge”
Carsten “Lizard” Schulz on “Indivisible” and “Joan Of Arc”
Hernik Brockmann on “Forever Lost (Acoustic Version)”
Gianbattista “Jan” Manent on “Coraline”
Chiara Manese on “Macabradanza”

Additional keyboards on “Duel” and “Wings Of Doom” by Gabriels

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