Orion’s Reign

Orion’s Reign are a Symphonic Metal band, formed in 2005 in the central Greek city of Athens. With that incarnation, formed without a singer, the band explored instrumental paths and produced two promo CDs "Steel horizon" and "The Guiding Light" which found remarkable acceptance and gained the interest of both metal fans and the press. The group entered a competition for the Greek Heavy Metal and Metal Hammer Magazine and won a place on their upcoming CD "The Hellenic Assault" with the song "Steel Horizons".

2006 Beyond Eternity ep and Yiannis Kobatsiaris joins

In 2006 a page is turned in the band’s music approach to a more Neoclassical-Epic-Power metal path and Yiannis Kobatsiaris joins the band as the lead singer. Shortly after, the bands enters Fragile studios to record a 6-track EP, titled "Beyond Eternity", (with a release date of december 15, 2007) including some songs from the upcoming full length release and a few other among them a Christmas cover of the song "The First Noel".

Positive feedback 2007-2008

By the end of 2008 the band’s formation and the material receives extremely positive feedback as it has been sent to record labels, magazines all around the world, radio and tv stations. "The First Noel" is requested by a Greek Rock Radio station to be used as background music to its advertisement and it is also included in a Christmas compilation CD with more than 5000 copies.

First full length album and record contract 2009-2010

The band enters Fragile studio once again to record their first full length album. The recordings are completed by 2009 and the CD is sent once again to label companies and magazines receiving flattering reviews (like the German Metal Hammer article which groups it in the most promising releases of the year, referring to the band as the Power metal version of Iron Maiden and Yiannis as Dickinson’s Cousin.)

By the end of 2009 beginning of 2010 Orion’s Reign came to an agreement With Rock It Up Records/ Ice Warrior Records and both parties finally sign a covenant and the collaboration begins. During January to March 2010 the band enters the studio again to record 5 brand new tracks, which are to be included in the Ice Warrior Deluxe Limited Edition Version on this release as bonus material. The Cd is entitled Nuclear Winter with 16 tracks and a lot of guests from bands like Firewind, T.Ziras, Fragile Vastness, W.E.B. and more!

Period of lineup changes 2011-2015

Themis Katsimichas (guitar), Kostast Porfiris (bass guitar) and Yiannis Kobatsiris (singer) left the band. George Thanasoglou (guitars and bass guitars) enters the band. Orion’s Reign releases single songs and music videos, cooperating with musicians like PelleK, Minniva etc. The band experiments with metal covers of Christmas songs and attracts the interest of not only the metal fans, but a wider audience.

Dan Vasc joins the band 2016-2017

Dan Vasc joins the band as the lead voice of Orion’s Reign. Dan's passion for music began very early in his town Juiz de Fora in Brazil, but it was only in 2007 that he started to work seriously in his singing. He joined the Band in 2016. His wide vocal range fits perfectly with the symphonic epic sound of the band. The band starts working on new material for its second full length album. Meanwhile it keeps releasing  singles and metal covers of Christmas songs, which tend to become a tradition as the audience keeps asking for them.

Second full length album and change of record company 2018

The production of the second full length album is on its way. Band members travel to Sweden to meet the crew of “Fascination Street Studios” of Jens Bogren. The album is engineered by Linus Corneliusson  (mixing) and Tony Lindgren (mastering). It is entitled Scores of War and it includes guest appearances of Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth), Bob Katsionis (Firewind), Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen Ring of Fire), Minniva and other musicians.

The band signs with “Pride & Joy Music” (Germany) for physical and digital album release. The band releases 3 singles "Undefeated Gaul", "Together We March" (ft. Tim Ripper Owens) and Nostos (ft. Minniva) prior to the full length album release. The album Scores of War is released in October 19th, 2018. Dan Vasc left the band, and started his own YouTube channel.

First Japonese release and new ep 2019

A Japanese version of Scores of War is released by a Japanese label. The band participates in the symphonic metal compilation Symphonic & Opera Metal Vol.6, with the song "Freedom is not Negotiable", along with bands like Avantasia, Kamelot, Within Temptation, Gloryhammer, Lacuna Coil, Freedom Call, Turilli/Lione Rhapsody etc.

The band releases the EP Symphony of War that includes symphonic versions of the songs from the full length album Scores of War and a cover of "Élan" (Nightwish). The band releases a Symphonic metal cover of the Christmas-song "Christmas Canon" (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) and Minniva travels all the way from Norway to Greece for participating to the filming of the music video in a neoclassical theater.


The band is working on new material



Sound and Vision (2004) demo

The Guiding Light (2005) demo

Beyond Eternity (2007) ep

Nuclear Winter (2010)

Scores of War (2018)

Symphony of War (2019) ep

The Bonus Sessions (2021) ep

Michael Batistatos, guitar (2003-present)

Michael has been a member of the band since the very early years. He is in charge of both rhythm & lead guitars. He is greatly influenced by medieval, baroque, classical era & guitar shredders like Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth and Steve Vai

Kirk Gazouleas, keyboards (2003-present)

Kirk has been a member of the band since the very early years. He is in charge of all the symphonic arrangements, greatly influenced by Classical music and epic soundtracks composers like Hans Zimmer and Basil Polydouris


Noel Kardaris, drums (2001-present)

One of the founding members of the band. In charge of all the drum and Percussion arrangements, greatly influenced by musicians like Nicko Mc Brain, Aquiles Priester, Dave Grohl, and Jukka Nevalainen.

Source: orionsreign.com & metalarchives.com

George Thanasoglou, guitar, bass (2012-present)

George is Born in Athens,Greece.
He started taking Classical guitar lessons at the age of 13 and began practicing the electric guitar by himself the same year. Studied Natural Resources Management & Agricultural Engineering in the Agricultural University of Athens from 2011 to 2016. He now studies Physics in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. George is being with the band since 2012 taking over both rhythm and lead guitar parts. He also records the bass guitar parts. He is influenced by musician like Randy Rhoads, Kai Hansen, Adrian Smith and Jake E. Lee.


Former members

Per "PelleK" Fredrik Åsly vocals (2012)

Kostas Porfyris Bass (2001)

Xaris "Harris" Kostopoulos Guitar (2001-2003)

Themis Katsimichas Rhythm guitar (2001-2012)

Yiannis Kobatsiaris Vocals (2005)

Daniel "Dan Vasc" Vasconcelos Vocals (2015-2018)

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