Stream of Passion

Stream of Passion is a Dutch Progressive metal band with Symphonic and Gothic influences founded by Ayreon's guitarist and composer, Arjen Anthony Lucassen and Mexican singer, violinist, and lyricist Marcela Bovio.

They have released four studio albums, Embrace the Storm, (2005) The Flame Within, (2009) Darker Days, (2011) and A War of Our Own, (2014). And two live albums, Live in the Real World, (2006) Memento, (2016) and and one ep, "Beautiful Warrior" (2023).

In 2007, Arjen Lucassen left the band to continue on his own as he had originally planned, together with his girlfriend guitarist Lori Linstruth, and keyboardist Alejandro Millán; Marcela Bovio, her boyfriend (later husband) and bassist Johan van Stratum and producer Joost van den Broek handling the composition duties afterwards.

After keeping a steady line-up since 2009, the band announced in April 2016 that they would disband, wanting to end on a high note rather than letting the interest and inspiration fade away, after a live album entitled Memento and a final show on 28 December 2016.

Arjen Lucassen and Marcela Bovio had previously collaborated in Ayreon's album The Human Equation, for which Marcela Bovio (then in the band, Elfonía) was selected by Arjen Lucassen via an internet female singing contest. Arjen Lucassen then decided to create a new band with her as lead vocalist, and selected other little-known musicians to form the rest of the band: bassist Johan van Stratum, keyboardist Alejandro Millán (from Elfonía as well), guitarist Lori Linstruth, and drummer Davy Mickers.

Because the musicians in the band lived thousands of miles apart, Arjen Lucassen composed the group's 2005 debut album, Embrace the Storm, over the Internet, with Marcela Bovio writing all the lyrics. A live album, Live in the Real World, featuring songs from Arjen Lucassen's other projects Ayreon and Star One, was released the following year.

In 2007, half of the Stream of Passion's line-up decided to leave: Arjen Lucassen left to make them continue their own career as he had planned since the creation, while Lori Linstruth and Alejandro Millán also decided to quit. The three were respectively replaced by Eric Hazebroek, Stephan Schultz, and Jeffrey Revet.

After the release in 2009 of the band's first album without Arjen Lucassen on composition, The Flame Within, Davy Mickers decided to leave the band, with Marcela Bovio and Johan van Stratum being the only original members left. He was replaced by Martijn Peters who featured on the band's third album in 2011, Darker Days.

In 2012 Stream of Passion left Napalm Records and decided to become an independent band, launching an Indiegogo campaign to finance their fourth full studio album. The new album, A War of Our Own, was released on April 18, 2014.

On April 6, of 2016 the band announced via Facebook that they would be separating at the end of the year, saying:

Dear friends and fans,
Over the past eleven years we've had the time of our lives playing in stages all over the world and sharing moments of joy on stage. But all good things come to an end, and we feel it's time to move on and search for new musical challenges. We're proud of everything we've achieved, with your help, and we want to end the band history on a high note instead of losing focus, interest and drive.
Before parting ways as a band we will perform a few goodbye shows; we also want to record a DVD to serve as a memento of the good times we've had. Dates are as follows:
- Aug 26, 2016: Zebra Festival, Gemert (NL)
- Sep 2, 2016: P60, Amstelveen (NL) (DVD recording)
- Sep 7, 2016: ProgPower USA XVII, Atlanta GA (USA)
- Oct 13, 2016: Underworld, London (UK)
- Oct 14, 2016: Bierkeller, Bristol (UK)
- Oct 15, 2016: Classic Grand, Glasgow (UK)
- Oct 16, 2016: Robin 2, Bilston (UK)
We're also looking into adding an extra, final show towards the end of the year; more details to follow.
Once again, we'd like to express our eternal gratitude for the support you've given us all these years. All of us will continue to make music, one way or the other; so we still hope to see you soon on a stage near you.
Thank you for being part of the wonderful adventure that has been Stream of Passion!
Marcela, Johan, Eric, Steve, Jeffrey, Martijn

The band released a live album entitled "Memento" and performed a final show on December 28, 2016.

After the split-up, bassist Johan van Stratum and singer Marcela Bovio became part of the line-up for progressive metal band VUUR, but Marcela Bovio left the band before its debut release after she and fellow VUUR singer Anneke van Giersbergen realized they wanted to approach the vocals in different ways.

In October 2022 the band announced that they were reforming for a show in September. They later announced a second show to be played the same month, as well as the upcoming release of the EP, "Beautiful Warrior" of newly recorded material.

The EP was released on september 9, 2023. The two shows were on september 8 and 9.


Embrace the Storm (2005)

Live in the Real World (2006) (CD and DVD) live

The Flame Within (2009)

Darker Days (2011)

A War of Our Own (2014)

Memento (2016) (DVD) live

Beautiful Warrior (2023)


Marcela Bovio - lead vocals, violin (2005–2016, 2022–present)

Johan van Stratum - bass (2005–2016, 2022–present)

Eric Hazebroek - lead/rhythm guitar (2007–2016, 2022–present)

Stephan Schultz - lead/rhythm guitar (2007–2016, 2022–present)

Jeffrey Revet - keyboards, synthesizers, piano (2007–2016, 2022–present)

Martijn Peters - drums (2009–2016, 2022–present)

Former members

Arjen Anthony Lucassen - lead/rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (2005–2007)

Lori Linstruth - lead/rhythm guitar (2005–2007)

Alejandro Millán - keyboards, piano, live backing vocals (2005–2007)

Davy Mickers - drums (2005–2009)


Session members

Damian Wilson - vocals, acoustic guitar (live, 2006)

Diana Bovio - backing vocals (live, 2006–2007)

Joost van den Broek - production, mixing, mastering, songwriting (studio, 2009-2016)

André Borgman - drums (live, 2009)

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