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Iron Mask is a Power metal band formed in 2002 by Belgian guitarist Dushan Petrossi, also known from Magic Kingdom.

Revenge Is My Name (2002-2005)

Dushan Petrossi signed with Lion Music in early 2002 to record a side project, Iron Mask. The band’s name and some songs of the first album were based on the book Man in the Iron Mask by Alexander Dumas. The album was titled Revenge Is My Name. Bass was recorded by Vassili Moltchanov (Magic Kingdom, Cryme), vocals were performed by Phil Letaw (Karyan, Cryme, Stormy Night), keyboards - by Youri De Groote.

Hordes of the Brave (2005-2009)

In April 2005, Iron Mask had a different line up for the album Hordes of the Brave. The band inaugurated Goetz "Valhalla Jr" Mohr (Arrow, Hanz Damf, Rolf Munkes) as vocalist. Guest vocalist Oliver Hartmann (At VanceAvantasiaEdguyAina, Magic Kingdom, Freedom Call, Helloween) added vocals to three tracks.

The keyboardist Richard Andersson (MajesticTime Requiem, Space Odyssey, KarmakanicEvil Masquerade, Adagio, Silver Seraph) is responsible for all the keyboards solos on Hordes of the Brave. In November 2005 the band gave several concerts in Europe to promote Hordes of the Brave, touring with Canadian heavy metal veterans Anvil and Phantom X. The shows were filmed, and as a result in 2008, Iron Mask contributed to documentary film about Anvil, called Anvil! The Story of Anvil, as well as to soundtrack for the film.

Shadow of the Red Baron (2009-2011)

In 2009, the band's third album, entitled Shadow of the Red Baron, was released. Dushan Petrossi wrote and produced eleven songs. The vocals were performed by Goetz "Valhalla Jr." Mohr on all songs, with the exception of "Dreams", which was sung by backing vocalist Oliver Hartmann. Another guest was Lars Eric Mattsson who played the third guitar solo on "Sahara". Still on bass guitar was Vassili Moltchanov, but a new drummer was found in Erik Stout (Vengeance, Joe Stump, Daize Shayne); keyboards were played by Andreas Lindahl (Wuthering HeightsThe Murder of My SweetNarniaLoch VostokAudiovision,

ManticoraZooLPlatitude). As with the previous album, Roma Siadletski (Magic Kingdom) performed extreme vocals. Jens Bogren (Symphony XOpethSoilworkParadise Lost, UniversumAmon AmarthCollarbone) was responsible for the sound. Due to vocalist Goetz "Valhalla Jr." Mohr's health problems, Iron Mask brought Carsten "Lizard" Schulz (Domain, AltariaShining Line, Eden's Curse) to perform vocal duties at their appearance at Graspop Metal Meeting on 26 June 2010 in Dessel, Belgium.

There were also a couple of other lineup changes: Ramy Ali (Freedom CallKiske/Somerville, Evidence One, State of Rock) was the band's new drummer. Philippe Giordana (Magic Kingdom, FairylandKerion) handled the keys as Andreas Lindahl was tied with other work engagements. On December 4, 2010 the same band-lineup performed at Frostrock metal festival (Kuurne, Belgium), the other participants - At VanceReVamp, and Primal Fear.

Black as Death (2011-2013)

On 30 April 2011, the band played a concert at Power & Prog Metal Fest (Mons, Belgium) alongside EuropeHammerFallGamma Ray and Vanden Plas.

In July 2011 the band announced that for the forthcoming album Black as Death  part of vocal duties would be performed by ex-Yngwie Malmsteen singers Mark Boals (Royal Hunt, Ring of Fire) and Göran Edman (KarmakanicBrazen AbbotJayce LandbergTime Requiem). Mats Olausson (Yngwie Malmsteen,  ArkEvil MasqueradeJohn Norum) will be responsible for all the keyboard parts. The mix and production will be done by Denis Ward (Pink Cream 69). For the album the band signed in September 2011 with AFM RecordsBlack as Death was released on December 16, 2011.

Fifth Son of Winterdoom (2013-2014)

In 2013 Iron Mask announced the forthcoming of 5th studio album Fifth Son of Winterdoom. The album was released on 8 November 2013 by AFM Records with Mark Boals on vocals.

Diabolica & Master of Masters (2014-present)

In July 2014 the band started working on a new studio album, and two years later, it was announced that the band's next studio album, "Diabolica", would be released on 23 September 2016, on AFM Records with Diego Valdez on vocals.

In 2020, the band released the album Master of Masters.


Revenge Is My Name (2002)

Hordes of the Brave (2005)

Shadow of the Red Baron (2009)

Black as Death (2011)

Fifth Son of Winterdoom (2013)

Diabolica (2016)

Master of Masters (2020)


Dushan Petrossi - guitars, composing & songwriting (2002-present)

Mike Slembrouck - vocals (2020-present)

Vassili Moltchanov - bass (2002-present)

Ramy Ali - drums (2010-present)

Former & guest members

Mark Boals - vocals (2010-2014)

Phil Letawe - vocals

Goetz "Valhalla Jr." Mohr - vocals

Roma Siadletski - extreme vocals and backing vocals

Carsten "Lizard" Schulz - vocals (live)

Göran Edman - vocals (Track 10 on Black as Death)

Oliver Hartmann - vocals (2009-2010)


Marcos Rodriguez - vocals (live)

Fil Letow - vocals

Diego Valdez - vocals

Richard Andersson - keyboards (2003-2005)

Mats Olausson - keyboards (2011)

Andreas Lindhal - keyboards

Phil Giordana - keyboards (live)

Erik Stout - drums

Anton Arkhipov - drums (Exhumator, Magic Kingdom)

Dushan Petrossi

Dushan Petrossi (born February 23, 1973 in Brussels) is a Belgian guitarist and frontman of the power metal band Magic Kingdom and the neoclassical hard rock band Iron Mask. Petrossi is considered one of the best guitarists from Belgium and the world. He is influenced by, among others, Yngwie Malmsteen, Gary Moore, Al Di Meola, Iron Maiden and classical composers such as Handel and Mozart.

Early years

At the age of eight, Dushan Petrossi first learned to play the acoustic guitar before switching to the electric one. He also learned bass guitar and drums. In 1992 he served as frontman of the Iron Maiden-like group Metalmorphosis, with which he recorded two albums.

Magic Kingdom

Three years later, Dushan Petrossi achieved greater fame after the release of the album "The Arrival" (1999), the debut album of his band Magic Kingdom. The Neoclassical power metal band is characterized by, among other things, imaginative song lyrics. In 2004 and 2010 he released the albums "Metallic Tragedy" and "Symphony of War". Both received good reviews.

Source: Wikipedia

Interview with Dushan Petrossi heavylaw.com 2004

Magic Kingdom, a Brussels group which today releases its "second" album "Metallic Tragedy". In view of the quality of this one we have no worries about the future of the group.

It was Dushan Petrossi, composer and guitarist of Magic Kingdom, who kindly took part in the question and answer games. I thank him again.

Duck : Hello Dushan Petrossi, thank you for granting me this interview for your recently released new album "Metallic Tragedy".

Dushan Petrossi : Hello Max, Thank you for your column.

Can you introduce the group and yourself and tell us about your past as a musician ?

We are from Brussels, but our singer Max Leclerq lives in the north of France, he is from Nancy, I was born in Brussels; otherwise our bassist Vassili Moltchanov comes from Moscow and our drummer Anton Arkhipov is from Minsk in Biello Russia, we all live in Bxl except Max and our keyboardist Aymeric Ribot from Headline, it's a very international line up. For some tracks we have Oliver Hartmann on vocals (he also did all the additional backing vocals for each track) and Sylvie Grare from Headline for the soprano voice in Metallic Tragedy, Romuald Siedlestky for the death vocals and Aymeric Ribot on bass baritone vocals still in our mini metal opera, our singer Max on the other hand also did the black metal voice in this same song.
I started playing electric guitar around 8 years old, but I also play bass and drums, a little keyboards too, I also do backing vocals on some songs.

What bands do you listen to? Are these your main influences?

I don't listen to other groups too much anymore because I compose a lot every day for my 2 groups (Iron Mask+Magic Kingdom) it's really a huge job to manage 2 groups at the same time on 2 different labels and when I have to free time I prefer not to listen to anything and rest my ears a little-)) but after a few days of 'silence' I can't help but put a CD in the deck,

I just have to like the singer and it's heavy-); it's more old stuff than new groups but being younger I was influenced by the whole wave of guitarists from the 80's and groups like Iron Maiden, Gary Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Guilbert, Slayer, Annihilator, on the other hand, I love Symphony.

Was it a good experience and are you satisfied with this first album?

The Arrival was only a demo to approach labels initially; but since I always paid for the recordings, I found myself without any money to be able to remix it and correct the voice, our old label never gave us any money or advance for this and they decided to do it go out like that, we had unfortunately already signed the contract for these pieces, we couldn't do anything more, since they didn't invest a cent for the production, it resulted in an album -demo- put on the market, there It has some good songs but the production of some tracks is really shit, we don't consider this album to be the first.

What happened with the old Line Up? Did they decide to leave the group or did you force them?

The band is still the same apart from the drummer and keyboard player from the first album who were just session guys, studio sharks who weren't really comfortable with my music because it wasn't their style of music; they had a hard time recording their parts -); they have never done a single concert with us... I paid them for their hours and they took the photos for the booklet with us, more in a goal to promote themselves as a real involvement, if I had known that before, they would never have been on the photos of the record; so no one fired anyone since they were not even part of the group...

Now let's talk about the new album. Can you explain the title of this one? and explain the story to us.

At the beginning, more than 4 years ago now; the album was called "The metal opera" (we still call it that in the group) but another guy (NDD: But who could it be?... Tobias if you look at us released the same title and I had to change while trying to keep this spirit, the old ancient Greek plays are sometimes called tragedies, so a new concept of metal opera with 5 characters (or roles) in voices; and timbres completely different, from an epic story;

it gives Metallic Tragedy-) in hindsight it's even better because it's only a 13' 30min piece and not an entire opera metal album.

How did the deal with LMP come about, and why LMP?

We received the offer from Limb Music in 2001 and the legal problems with our former label once again delayed everything (I point out that it was us who attacked them, since it endangered our deal with LMP and not the contrary), to come back to LMP; I find that it is a very good label with excellent distribution in each country, you have to know how to surround yourself with the best people for your future, it was our choice, we wanted to progress and this you can't get there by staying on a shitty label, we received very tempting offers from lots of labels but we preferred LMP, we're very happy to be a 'prioriy band' with them and not a group among the others if you sign with Nuclear Blast, we benefited from advantages that only a few Limb groups have, Clip etc, at least they invest in us and believe in us, we have just learned that Limb has just signing our album in Japan on Marquee/Avalon (NDD: Avalon also distributes Sonata Arctica in Japan), a very big Japanese label, it's another dream that comes true for us, after all these years of struggle, things end up sort yourself out.

You play a style of the same metal like a lot of other groups who can get tired of. What do you see for the future of the band in the world of Heavy metal?

You know, I didn't wait for these millions of speed bands to arrive to make my music, I've been playing guitar for over 20 years and I compose and play the music that I love and that I have always loved. That is to say, Symphonic, Power, Speed music with some prog influences, the pieces of "Metallic Tragedy" were composed in 2000, so 4 and a half years ago now, in the meantime unfortunately for us; lots of groups have appeared ,

even old death bands which veered towards the melodic (NDD: Requiem!?)!, but it's true that we were signed later than certain younger bands, my first deal I got when I was 25, It's my fault ; I should have sent to labels much earlier instead of playing live all over Belgium! ;but hey it also taught me a lot and I could not have become the musician I am today without this 'live' training.

There are millions of other groups waiting in the shadows, there has a lot of talented people, good guitarists or bands, but only a few manage to sign, you have to hang on and be motivated, don't despair when a label says no to you, everyone has their destiny; sometimes we get there, sometimes a little later, there is also the luck factor, if you have talent you will end up signing, you have to fight.

As for us ; as long as we have a contract we will continue to exist in the heavy world, while trying to develop our music, we hope to become a little 'bigger' and be able to tour a little more.

In the album, there is a special guest named Olivier Hartman (ex At Vance, Avantasia). Why did you choose him? Did he accept straight away?

I'm a big fan of his voice, he is for me one of the best metal singers today (NDD: I completely agree), yes, he immediately accepted when he heard the record, it's a real pleasure and honor for me because he says no to lots of other requests, plus he is very cool and super professional.

In two titles, Olivier is Lead Vocals, were these songs composed for him?

No, everything was already composed in 2000; (and 2001 for the 2 pieces that Olli sang), we just recorded these 2 pieces in November 2003 and did a 2nd remix of the whole album (always with Didier Chesneau from Headline) in January 2004.

The future of Magic Kingdom with or without Oilivier Hartmann?

Yes certainly our collaboration is not ready to stop, he also recorded 3 tracks for the second album of my other group (Iron Mask) as well as all the choirs of the album, everything is recorded, we let's start the mix soon; it's a more Hard rock style, less speed than Magic Kingdom; the rest of the album is sung by Goetz F. Hore; an exceptional singer that Oliver introduced me to (it's actually an old friend of Oliver, they had a group 10 years ago -Merlin,

and he was the singer of this group; Oliver was the guitarist of this group and not the singer!) just to give you an idea of ​​the guy's level , to die for! a mix of David Coverdale, Ronnie James Dio and Bruce Dickinson,!! it should also be released in France on a very good label, all I can say is that it would be a first for Lion Music (IM label)(NDD: Orion Riders label) to be distributed in France on this label and that suits us very well -)

I think there is a title that differentiates you from other groups. This title is Metallic Tragedy. Why did you compose it? Perhaps to announce a side project or the spirit of the next Magic Kingdom?

I had this idea 5 years ago now and I think it's a real new style of metal, we will continue on this path for the next albums because everyone likes this song, it is not excluded from make an entire album in this style, that is to say mixing black voices, death, soprano, classic bass baritone with our singer in the traditional metal style; I will even try to integrate children's choirs and female voices additional (not sopranos rather like the Gathering) all in the same piece, everything will depend on the continuation of the story of chapter 2 but hey I already have 6 'normal' pieces for the next Magic Kingdom album, so we will discuss it with Limb Music and us we'll see in due time; what's certain is that the sequel to Metallic Tragedy (the pieces) will be there. I think it's really time to mix different metal universes and see what that gives, there are so many bands who have been playing the same thing for years, I couldn't make the same music for 20 years, things have to evolve, slowly at the beginning so as not to shock too much but enough to change things. The next Magic Kingdom is scheduled for early 2005.

Are there any concert dates in sight? In France or elsewhere?

Nothing for the moment, we have to wait for the sales results; unfortunately, that's how it is when you're a newbie and downloading on the Internet doesn't help the situation...

You are Belgian, do you know any other Belgian heavy bands? And what do you think of the Franco/Belgian scene?

We're not too keen on the Belgian scene, it's only hard core etc..., we are the only Belgian group to my knowledge to be signed on pro labels abroad in the neo-classical style, but be careful we have friends playing in metal or other hard core groups etc, we just feel a little alone in the style, it's not like in Italy where you have millions of Rhapsody clones but it might be better that way ,to stand out from the crowd.

We had all the trouble in the world to find a keyboard player here, in fact that's why we went to Headline to steal him-)))

But our live keys guy is Bob Katsionis (he recorded 2 guest solos on 2 titles; "Master of Madness" and "The Iron Mask" (the piece)); he is also a keyboardist for Firewind now.

Something to say? You have carte blanche.

Thank you for your interview and don't forget to buy our album 🙂 the digipack version contains an extra track, the Child of The Nile music video, liner notes, poster, sticker and many more photos.

And soon the second Iron Mask album, with great singers!

Metal forever

Thanks again Dushan Petrossi for answering our questions.The Heavylaw team and I wish you the best for the group.

First album of the group reviewed on Heavylaw.
Duck from Heavylaw

Source: heavylaw.com

Magic Kingdom Biography

For Dushan Petrossi it does matter whether a song is impressive because of the technical virtuosity of the instrumentalist or whether it also has a memorable tune suitable for normal music-lovers. "My compositions are always based on melodies you will remember. The listener should be able to keep the melody in mind, should be able to hum it and not be overpowered by the instrumentation." The interesting thing about this statement is the fact that Dushan Petrossi has the reputation of being an excellent guitarist, often described by the music press as being the legitimate heir to the Yngwie Malmsteen throne. But as we already said, for the guitar genius, there is more to a composition than ego manic self-importance. And it is just this that he proves on the second album "Metallic Tragedy" of his band Magic Kingdom, the appearance of which marks five years since the bands suitably named debut work "The Arrival". It was five years in which Petrossi and Co. had to conquer numerous setbacks, which however did nothing to dampen the energy and overflowing cauldron of ideas of "Metallic Tragedy".

Besides his activities for Magic Kingdom, Dushan Petrossi - when time permits - also works on his solo project, Iron Mask. His priority lies, however, with the band, which is wholly made up of excellent musicians. Singer Max Leclerq is from France. Magic Kingdom is his first professional band, which allows him to develop his talent as well as his fascinating voice. Bass player Vassili Moltchanov already played on the band's debut album, whilst drummer Anton Arkhipov (formerly Exhumator) and keyboarder Aymeric Ribot are new members in the band.

"It was not easy finding suitable musicians with the required technical skills and the ability of integrating into the band," says Petrossi. "It was especially difficult to find a keyboarder, but we found the perfect person in Aymeric." At this point we should also mention the guest vocalist, Oliver Hartmann. The former frontman of the German Melodic Metal band At Vance is brilliant during two lead vocals spots "Flying Pyramids" and "Master Of Madness" and also did all the choir parts and background vocals on the album. "I was always a great fan of his voice," Petrossi admits. "So when he left At Vance I contacted him and asked him whether he would like to help us out. I am really thrilled with his work on the album".

The band's style can be best described as Symphonic Power Speed Metal. Yet there are definite differences between Magic Kingdom and the general clichees of this genre. "What separates us from other bands of this style is the aggressivity of our songs. We don't just always play an exclusively melodic style. We insert harder passages into our songs. Other bands don't like to do that because they're afraid of frightening away fans with aggressive parts. We like to experiment.

My primary criteria is originality so it's not important for me whether a song turns out to be of an epic size, or whether it's short." And exactly these criteria are filled on "Metallic Tragedy". The title track, for example, touches the very borders of the genre in view of both its length and its style. The 13 minute long track is epic and theatrical, has five very different vocal moods, from dark and heavy to soprano and baritone, and can be described as a Metal mini-opera. "I think this song is progressive in the true meaning of the word. It doesn't have just one mood, but many, from low to high, all very different from each other."

The overall concept of Magic Kingdom also includes, short, straight tracks, because the concept is not permitted to bow down to any limitations. What is permitted, is to do what pleases the band and what the character of the song demands. In keeping with this, Dushan Petrossi can lean on his personal favourites and preferences.

"As a young musician I was primarily interested in Melodic Metal, then Iron Maiden, Yngwie Malmsteen and Gary Moore were added to my list, but I was always fascinated by history's great composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi. I adore baroque music, but not much Renaissance. My aim as a guitarist and composer is to create a new, exclusive sound of my own, based on all these influences.

The cover artwork of this album is from no lesser artist than Leo Hao, who, in the past, has worked for bands such as Iced Earth and Blind Guardian.

Source: dushanpetrossi.com



Vassili Moltchanov bass (1999-2019)

Michael Brush drums (2015-2019)

Dushan Petrossi Guitars, Orchestrations, Lyrics (1998-present)

Michael Vescera Vocals (2019-present)

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