Fairyland is a French Symphonic Power metal band from Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. Founded in 1998 by musicians Philippe Giordana and Willdric Lievin. In its beginnings the group carried the names “Fantasy” and “Fantasia”.

The group has gone through several lineup changes since the 2000s. In 2007 the band became a solo project, when Philippe Giordana was left as the sole member. Thus he released the album Score to a New Beginning in 2009 as Fairyland, but with guest musicians and singers.

However, in 2015, Fairyland returned to being a band with a full line-up, including Willdric Lievin, returning as a formal member of the group since 2004.

All Fairyland albums have Rock opera themes. Throughout their discography they have told a single story whose events take place in a fictional world, created by Phil Giordana, called Osyrhia. Each album is a new chapter in the story of Osyrhia and its main character: Doryan.

Willdric Lievin started playing drums when he was 10 years old. After playing in several bands, he met Philippe Giordana, who had been playing keyboard since he was 14 years old. They both met at an event where they played with their respective bands. They quickly became friends, sharing the same passion for Power metal, Symphonic metal, film score music and fantasy stories. They soon began writing songs together and decided to form a symphonic power metal group called Fantasy. They are later joined by guitarist and bassist Thomas Cesario.

Together they made their first demo, “Tribute to Universe”. After a long time searching for a label, they signed with the Swedish record label Intromental Management, and then secured a recording contract with the French record label N.T.S. (now called Replica Records). The band's sound began to evolve into a more symphonic and fantasy style, reflected in their second demo, from 2000, "Realm of Wonders".

Of Wars in Osyrhia

Given personal differences between Willdric Lievin and Thomas Cesario, Willdric fires Thomas from the band. After this the group changes its name to Fantasia. Once the demo was published, guitarist Anthony Parker joined the band, and the band decided to work on their first studio album. Which they recorded at Wizard Studio in February 2002, and the album was not ready until November of the same year. During the summer of 2002, in the midst of recording the album, the band members began searching for a singer.

His initial idea was to hire several singers from different bands as special guests, to sing the songs throughout the album. For this they first call Elisa C. Martin, who at that time was in the Spanish band Dark Moor. When recording a song, the band decided that Elisa would sing all the songs and ended up offering her the role of regular vocalist in the group. Their first studio album titled Of Wars in Osyrhia was released in July 28, 2003. For this release the band decides to change its name again, to Fairyland. The album allowed them, thanks to the response from critics and fans, to go on tour with bands like Sonata Arctica and participate in the Sweden Rock Festival in 2003.

The Fall of an Empire

Due to internal problems in the band, Willdric Lievin leaves the group to form a new musical project called Hamka, which is later joined by vocalist Elisa C. Martin, who also leaves Fairyland. Phil Giordana, along with guitarist Anthony Parker, decide to continue Fairyland.

For this a new lineup is formed with Max Leclercq (from Magic Kingdom) as the new singer, Pierre-Emmanuel Desfray on drums, and Philippe Giordana decides to rehire Thomas Cesario as bassist.

With this new lineup they record a demo-style album with which they managed to capture the attention of the Austrian record label Napalm Records, who hired them for the release of their second and third album. Thus they recorded the second studio album titled The Fall of an Empire. A tour with Kamelot and Leaves' Eyes soon followed.

Score to a New Beginning

In 2007 Philippe announced that all the other members of the band left due to musical differences. As Fairyland's sole composer, Philippe Giordana decided to look for a new line-up for the band, but some time after working on the band's new material, he made the decision to make Fairyland a solo project with guest musicians.

Thus he released his third studio album, Score to a New Beginning. For this album Willdric Lievin returns to the band as a drummer, but not credited as a regular musician in the band, but as a guest.

Philippe Giordana also hires Marco Sandron as vocalist and Fabio D'Amore as bassist (both members of Pathosray), and Chris Menta (from Razordog) as rhythm guitarist.

He in turn invites many other musicians from different bands to record either backing vocals, guitar solos, or additional vocals on different songs on the album.

Statement from Philippe Giordana

If you are wondering what Fairyland have been up to and when their new album will be released, Napalm Records released a statement from Phil Giordana today. Score To A New Beginning, their 2009 symphonic album, was the last release and Phillippe "Phil" Giordana has been fairly quiet ever since. Check out what the mastermind says about a new album.

Statement from Phil Giordana: "Dear all (fans, non-fans, newcomers, that guy in accounting). It is no secret that I have been struggling with health problems since 2010/2011. I have vestibular degeneration, a condition that more often than not leaves me bed-ridden. Nausea, vertigos, vomiting, this is all part of my life now. It has also taken its toll on my composition/song-writing abilities. Hard to create new songs when life gives you the metaphorical finger".

"Anyroad, I have five new songs ready for the next Fairyland album. One of those will be recorded soon with full capacity production (ie: what the album will likely sound like). I'm still having second thoughts about who will be singing on that one song, but all in all it's gonna be great! Just hang in there, and a new Fairyland album will come up soon enough. I would really like to thank all the people who have given me support these past few years, be it my label (Napalm), my friends and family, or fans of the band. You're all the reasons I need to carry on. Phil Giordana."

All the best to Phil Giordana, and now you know that you can expect a new Fairyland album, sooner or later.

Source: napalmrecords.com


Following the release of their third album, the band was on hiatus for a while as Phil Giordana was working on several other projects. When Phil decides to start working on the new Fairyland album, his contract with Napalm Records had ended. Philippe Giordana sent some demos to the record company, but they announced that they had no intention of renewing the contract with the band.

After this Philippe contacts his former producer, Olivier Garnier, who advises him to reform Fairyland as a "real band" and not as a solo project. After this Philippe decides to form a new lineup. In 2015, while he was looking for regular members for the band, he was contacted by the vocalist of the Italian group Wind Rose, Francesco Cavalieri, who sent him a video of him singing a cover of the song "Paradise Lost" by Symphony X. He was quickly hired by Philippe Giordana as the new vocalist of Fairyland.

The band's new lineup consisted of Phil Giordana (keyboards), Willdric Lievin (bass and guitar), Jean-Baptiste Pol (drums), Sylvain Cohen (guitar), and Francesco Cavalieri (vocals). The group manages to contact an independent record label, the German label Massacre Records.

With this lineup they release their fourth studio album, "Osyrhianta", on May 22, 2020. Given the increase in popularity of Francesco Cavalieri's other band (Wind Rose), the singer decides to leave Fairyland to be able to dedicate himself completely to his own band. As the group already had live dates planned, they hired for their live performances the person who was their vocalist on the band's first album, and who maintained a strong friendship with Willdric, Elisa C. Martin.

Philippe Giordana's death

In October 2022, Philippe Giordana died after being ill for several months. The details of his death were given by Willdric Lievin. Will reveals that Philippe, before dying, made him promise that he would record Fairyland's fifth album together with French musician Peter Crowley. After Phil Giordana's death, Willdric took over as leader of the group.

Given the departure of Francesco Cavalieri, in February 2023 the band announces, through their social networks, that they are looking for a new vocalist for the recording of their fifth album. For this they decide to hold a casting to choose their new vocalist.​

In March 2023, Fairyland announces their new singer, the British Archie Cain.​ Since then the band has been working on the composition of their fifth studio album. Willdric revealed that the orchestral arrangements of the new album will be carried out by musician Peter Crowley.


Throughout their discography the band tells the story of a complex and imaginary universe called Osyrhia, populated by different races and dominated by gods who try to teach them the secrets of evolution and access to knowledge. Which goes out of control as planned and it's not long before chaos and war hits this peaceful world.

(Of Wars in Osyrhia) Tells the story of the land of Osyrhia, created by the Gods, and divided into 7 continents ruled by kings. The evil Cenos, also called “the traveler” for traveling from one place to another bringing death and desolation, brings chaos to the land of Osyrhia.

The gods manage to banish him from Osyrhia along with his followers and imprison them for a thousand years. The gods give each of the 7 kings of Osyrhia a stone of power to contain evil, called the Guardian Stones. Whoever gets the 7 stones could unite the 7 kingdoms of Osyrhia for his cause. Although it was predicted that a young man would receive the power of the stones and lead his people into battle against darkness.

A thousand years have passed and evil is slowly beginning to awaken. At the same time, somewhere in Osyrhia, a young man named Doryan dreams of a vision of the future in which evil takes over Osyrhia.

Doryan rushes to warn King Morick, who, knowing the prophecy, decides to trust Doryan to guide the Armies of Light against the inevitable approaching darkness.

(The Fall of an Empire) In the war, the Armies of Light are defeated by the legions of Cenos, and the people of Osyrhia are condemned to slavery. Due to a spell, Doryan falls into a supernatural sleep for 500 years, until he slowly awakens and prepares a counterattack to free the people of Osyrhia.

(Score to a New Beginning) After Doryan manages to awaken and embark on his crusade, he forges an alliance with surviving armies that were hiding in the White Mountains and with some slaves who managed to be freed. All together they leave for Duna to free the rest of the slaves and be able to take up arms against Cenos. For this they cross the “Endless Sea” where they must fight against the Leviathan that hides under the waters.

After the battle, a soldier sends a letter to his beloved, which ends up being intercepted by the hosts of Cenos, who upon learning that a rebel army is approaching, begin to prepare for his arrival. Doryan and his army manage to reach the gates of Morken, where Cenos is sheltered, and a battle breaks out.

(Osyrhianta) This album is a prequel to the story. Dating back to 3000 years after the birth of Osyrhia, narrating the rise of the evil Cenos.



Tribute to Universe (Demo)

Realm of Wonders (Demo) (2000)


Of Wars in Osyrhia (2003)

The Fall of an Empire (2006)

Score to a New Beginning (2009)

Osyrhianta (2020)


Archie Caine - Vocals (2023-present)

Willdric Lievin - guitars, drums (1998-2003; guest: 2009), bass, backing vocals (2003, 2015-present)

Sylvain Cohen - Guitar (2015-present)

Jean-Baptiste Pol - Drums (2015-present)

Former members

Philippe Giordana - keyboards, backing vocals (1998-2022), acoustic guitars (2007-2022), compositions, concept, programming died in 2022)

Elisa C. Martin - lead vocals (2003)

Maxime Leclerq - lead vocals (2004-2007)

Francesco Cavalieri - Vocals

Thomas Cesario - bass (1998-2003, 2005-2007), guitars (2003)

Anthony Parker - guitars (1998-2007)

Pierre-Emmanuel “Piwee” Desfray - Drums (2004-2008)

Source: Translated from the Spanish Wikipedia

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