Queensrÿche Live

Unplugged 1992

Live Wacken 2015

This is the well known MTV Unplugged session. This version contains the entire thing, even featuring multiple takes of certain songs. The video quality is alright, and the audio is fine - all considering the age of this tape. After their long and exhausting 190-show tour in support of the 'Empire' album, the band took a break, only playing at various award shows as well as this specific performance for MTV Unplugged, and a special festival show in June 1992 - effectively closing the support of 'Empire'. The concept of MTV Unplugged was for popular artists to play all-acoustic sets, for a small studio audience - creating an intimate atmosphere.

This version is complete with all of the outtakes etc., except for a small cut in the 2nd version of 'I Will Remember', and the 3rd version of 'Silent Lucidity' running out halfway through. All of the songs are excellent versions, and the 1st version of 'I Will Remember' is often cited as one of Geoff's best performances, as his tone sounds almost exactly like the one on the 'Rage For Order' album. The band also performs a pretty good cover of 'Rockin' In The Free World' by Neil Young, although it ends rather abruptly. (Because of copyright, a few songs are missing in this list)

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