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Andre Matos was a musician who can easily win over the most different audiences. Consecrated as one of the best vocalists and keyboardists in heavy rock in the world, Andre Matos had already proven that he was going much further: the partnership with violinist Marcus Viana and the side project entitled Virgo are the greatest proof of the challenges he has faced throughout his career.

At the age of 10, Andre Matos began taking piano and music lessons. While still in his teens, he formed Viper, a band with which he achieved early international recognition, with two highly successful albums in Japan and Europe. (Soldiers of Sunrise, Theatre of Fate)

Without ever interrupting his studies of Classical music and vocal improvement, he entered college, where he later graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Orchestral Conducting and Musical Composition. In addition, his curriculum also includes Qualification in Lyric Singing and Qualification in Classical Piano.

He dedicated himself for several years to activities related to singing as a lyrical tenor, being part of several professional choirs, and even composing exclusive pieces for the choral repertoire. He completed his studies in singing with professor Francisco Campos (USP holder), with whom he studied for six years.

In the mid-90s, Andre Matos left Viper and formed Angra, a heavy rock band that aimed to explore other aspects that could be incorporated into the heavy sound: elements of classical and regional music.

Immediate success worldwide, along with the first gold record in Japan

Precisely at this time, the name Andre Matos was considered for Iron Maiden, in a worldwide competition that would choose Bruce Dickinson's replacement vocalist. Andre Matos was among the top three, together with Damian Wilson.

With Angra, he developed an enviable career over 9 years: countless tours abroad and numbers that exceed one million records sold.

After the group's separation, at the end of 1999, Andre Matos formed Shaman, carrying forward the musical style he had previously proposed.

Ritual, the 2002 debut album, was very well received in Brazil and abroad, released in more than 15 countries.

Throughout 2003, Shaman appeared in the first places of votes in the specialized media, including one of the tracks from the CD (Fairy Tale, (video) written by Andre Matos) included in the soundtrack of the global soap opera “O Beijo do Vampiro”, with wide national repercussion.

The highlight was the recording of the live DVD and CD, Ritualive, with several special guests Marcus Viana, Tobias Sammet, (Avantasia, Edguy) Sascha Paeth, (Avantasia, Heavens Gate) Andi Deris and Michael Weikath, (both of Helloween) in a record-breaking audience show at Credicard Hall. The DVD (released in Brazil by Universal Music) was also a sales record in the segment.

The Ritual Tour gave the band more than 200 shows in several countries and accolades wherever they went.

Reason, the band's second album, was released worldwide in 2005, with promotional tours throughout Europe, Latin America and Japan, to promote the CD.

Andre Matos also developed the Virgo project, together with German guitarist and producer Sascha Paeth, with clear influences from Queen, The Beatles, Soul Music and Rock in general - expanding his musical horizon beyond - and with wide acceptance among his fans.

Between 2003 and 2006, Andre Matos was elected “Best Vocalist” and “Best Keyboardist” in countries such as France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Greece, Japan, Argentina and Brazil, also receiving the “Radio Rock Trophy” from 89FM / Rede Radio Rock as the best vocalist in Brazil.

Andre Matos remains, indisputably, one of the best vocalists in the world and is an absolute reference in everything he has ever produced.

On the “Orkut” network alone, more than 500 communities can be found in his honor (the first, with more than 20,000 members). Recent specialized media publications in Brazil unanimously indicate Andre Matos as the absolute champion in the “Best Vocalist” and “Best Keyboardist” 2005/2006 categories, in the votes of readers and internet users.

Andre Matos starred in the main role of the Rock OperaTommy”, by The Who, in a new production by the Banda Sinfônica Jovem and Coral Jovem de São Paulo, held between the 16th and 18th of June 2006, at the Memorial da América Latin. (Latin America Memorial) This was his first experience acting in opera, with total acclaim from the public and critics.

Source: Translated from Portuguese

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